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Luxury Homes Russia for Sale - Prestigious Villas and Apartments in Russia


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Russia is found at the meeting point of Europe and Asia. The country is so large that it spreads over half of the world’s time zones and borders no fewer than eighteen other countries. It is a nation with a long history of culture and tradition. The Russian property market is affected by several different factors including the climate and geographical landscape which have a significant impact on the cost of construction. Among the most interesting cities, full of historical monuments and prestigious buildings, it is impossible not to mention Moscow and St. Petersburg, the two most influential cities in Russia where the price of luxury property breaks every record. These two cities form the heart and soul of the nation. Moscow is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world: Ostozhenka and Tverskaya streets, Red Square and Arbat with its estate of the famous nobles are popular with lovers of prestige. Another attraction is the Manhattan of Moscow or “Moscow City” which manages to meet the needs of even the most discerning buyers looking for luxury residences. In St. Petersburg the Peterhof, Fotanka street, Gatchina, Pavlovsk and Carskoe Selo are the most popular spots for wealthy buyers looking for historical European property. The principal seaside location is the city of Sochi on the Black Sea which offers an excellent climate thanks to the Caucasus mountains which protect from bad weather. Here the spacious luxury villas on the seafront offer breathtaking views and every comfort.