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If you want to buy, rent, sell or rent property in the historic center of the city, you were just in the world that you need. Our world is very friendly, you make the decision - everything else we will do. One of the core values ​​of our world - and it vasheVREMYa MEANS we learned to save. We have developed a system of search and monitoring of all the best deals in this segment, as well as the process is built on a bright and qualitative promotion of your facilities in the market. Center of our world - it is a historical part of the city, most of our attention is drawn to him. 90% of all transactions made by "World Apartments" is a real estate in the historic district of St. Petersburg. We had a focus in this segment know much about the houses of the old stock, about their strengths and weaknesses. Acting as a remote sales office of leading construction companies and offering apartments at prices developer. We can offer you all the facilities under construction in the city center, arrange viewing, give all the necessary information, reserve and negotiate individual terms of payment for the selected objects. Our world RELIABLE: professional liability of the company is insured. Each property is offered for sale, is thoroughly tested legal purity of the title documents. Experience working in a complex segment with complex and demanding customers has allowed us to make our services reliable, understandable and beneficial to their customers. In our world, living and working professionals. The average age of our employees 30 years, this is a good age for qualitative and active work. And despite the fact that you have to "live on the run," we truly love their profession and are proud of it. Our world is diverse: according to your request, we can buy, renovate, lease and manage real estate owned by you. Quality of service "Peace apartments" is supported by departments of real estate, sales, lease, own construction and management companies. Our world has a good name in real estate: "The World of apartments" has existed since 2003. Since 2004 is a member of the Realtors Association of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, since 2005 - member of the All-Russian Guild of Realtors. The expert commission in 2006 confirmed that its services agency National Standard "Realtor agency. Services in real estate brokerage certificates. We offer you not only high-quality real estate in the heart of St. Petersburg, but also a special experience the unique atmosphere of the city, to give your life an amazing charm.
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