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Luxury Homes Argentina for sale - Prestigious Villas and Apartments in Argentina



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Argentina possesses a robust luxury real estate market with tremendous investment potential for houses, villas and ranches, but also luxury apartments and offices, particularly in Buenos Aires. The country offers immense opportunities, especially in the purchase of land for investments in the tourism and agriculture sectors, in the Salta and Juluy provinces most prominently. Argentina showcases a staggering variety of landscape and climate: from the subtropical forest of the northeast to the Atlantic coast; the metropolis of Buenos Aires to the glacial lakes and forests of Patagonia. Argentina’s luxury markey can be showcased by Buenos Aires, a ‘Paris of the Americas’ where a great mixture of styles includes Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Neo-Gothic. Or in Córdoba, one of the most influential economic centers of the country, in which great colonial monuments are integrated into an intense green environment. In the province of Mendoza one can invest in luxury hotels, country homes, and boutique hotels. The coast of Argentina is another sought region for luxury real estate investment, with its magnificent natural beauty and, in the northern zone, its exquisite luxury homes standing amidst absolute beauty and serenity. The Republic of Argentina, which boasts a quality of life among the highest in Latin America, is surely a centrum of beauty and wellbeing.

  • Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires

    With more than 11 million inhabitants, the region of Buenos Aires is comprised of the province of Buenos Aires and the autonomous City of Buenos...

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  • Luxury home in La Plata, Partido de La Plata
    € 1,500,700
    900 m² 8
    Presented by Alberto Zamponi | Zb Propiedades
  • Luxury home in Tigre, Partido de Tigre
    € 2,063,400
    470 m² 4
    Presented by Grunewald & Asociados | Grunewald & Asociados
  • Luxury home in Tigre, Partido de Tigre
    € 1,125,500
    300 m² 3 3
    Presented by DarioSantana Negocios Inmobiliarios
  • Hotel in Piedra Blanca, Provincia de Córdoba
    € 2,251,000
    1,500 m² 5
    Presented by Claudio Baez | Inmobiliaria Baez
  • Apartment in Palermo, Buenos Aires F.D.
    Price on Application
    399 m² 3 3
    Presented by L.J.Ramos Brokers Inmobiliarios S.A
  • Luxury home in Cariló, Provincia de Buenos Aires
    € 1,594,400
    1,000 m² 1 5
    Presented by waldemar wagner propiedades
  • Luxury home in Belgrano, Partido de Vicente López
    € 1,922,700
    873 m² 2 4
    Presented by WY Propiedades
  • Luxury home in Belgrano, Partido de Vicente López
    € 2,344,800
    641 m² 3
    Presented by Susana Margot Spagnolo | Lex Propiedades S.a.
  • Apartment in Rosario, Departamento de Rosario
    € 1,688,200
    382 m² 4
    Presented by Alvaro Greco | Imperia
  • Rural or Farmhouse in Lobos, Partido de Lobos
    € 1,688,200
    1,300 m² 5
    Presented by Lorena Perez | Federico Bogianchino Propiedades
  • Luxury home in Tigre, Partido de Tigre
    € 1,782,000
    619 m² 6
    Presented by Grunewald & Asociados | Grunewald & Asociados
  • Land in El Vergel, Provincia de Mendoza
    € 1,969,600
    160 m² 5
    Presented by Claudio Molina | Sebastián Celery Broker Inmobiliario
  • Luxury home in Los Castores, Partido de Tigre
    Price on Application
    2,004 m² 2 6
    Presented by Gabriela Iglesias
  • Luxury home in Olivos, Partido de Vicente López
    € 1,547,600
    1,400 m² 3 5
    Presented by Izrastzoff Agentes Inmobiliarios
  • Luxury home in Villa La Angostura, Provincia del Neuquén
    € 1,641,300
    742 m² 5
    Presented by Fanelli Propiedades | Nito Fanelli Propiedades