American Horror Story House For Sale

In 2012 the value of the property was estimated at 17 million dollars, nonetheless just a few months later it fell to 11 million. Surprisingly, despite the fact that it has been two years since the house of the American Horror Story TV series has been put on the market, potential buyers have yet to be seen. The owners have been forced to lower the price of the exclusive property in Los Angeles.

Hauntingly Historic American Horror Story Mansion Back on Market

At present the owners would even be happy to accept 5 million. Considering the content of the TV show which was shot in the house, the sale of the luxury property is rather different than your average luxury home. The idea of various spirits and that the house is haunted are less than desirable features when selling a home.

Hauntingly Historic American Horror Story Mansion Back on Market

That said, the Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion is a true architectural gem. Constructed in 1908, it still maintains the charm of the last century. With exposed red brick work, the distinguished home stands tall with three levels,  in the center of a sun-drenched garden. The interior is elegant with great attention to luxury details, such as the refined banister, the lighting fixtures, the lavish wooden floors and period furniture. A further strong point in the lavish property is the ample space available, reaching a total of 1,400 square meters.

Hauntingly Historic American Horror Story Mansion Back on Market

Additional luxury features include Tiffany mosaics, a basement with a hidden room, a private chapel, a ballroom, a recording studio, a museum and a breathtaking veranda, which render the structure unique and exclusive.

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