Kona Residence, a True Architectural Gem in Hawaii

The Belzberg Architects have created an architectural masterpiece in Kona, Hawaii. With it’s one of a kind design, a striking first impression, and a perfect unity of tradition and modernity, the Kona residence is quite an overall achievement.

Kona Residence, an Architectural Gem in Hawaii

Beautifully set, the residence offers astounding views of the mountains on the east and ocean views on the west. The geometric forms, the materials used and the eco awareness of the structure fuse with the surrounding nature in perfect harmony, despite the modern aspect of the building.

Kona Residence, a True Architectural Gem in Hawaii

The residence houses two bedrooms, which are connected by an external corridor. A strong sense of elevation is found throughout by means of the layout and design. This can be noted in further spaces such as the kitchen, the living room and the dining room.  The choice of furniture renders each of the rooms inviting with a special charm.

Kona Residence, Architectural Gem in Hawaii

Great care and attention to detail was carried out throughout the construction process to ensure that the integration of the property and its magnificent setting was graceful and eco conscious. The roof is installed with solar panels, the swimming pool is fitted with dark colored volcanic rock, which attracts the sun’s rays and in turn heats the water by radiation. The wooden panels that complete the exterior of the house are recycled rail tracks and barns. Furthermore, the structure is equipped with an eco-rainwater harvesting system.

Kona Residence Luxury house Hawaii

A Hawaiian sense of style can be noted in a range of elements within the dream property, such as the lava rock coupled with the wood, and the pavilion entrance hall which respects the culture of hospitality typical of the area. Completed in 2010, the premium property in Hawaii won an Interior Design Magazine award. Each of the interior spaces have differing visuals and moods. The mix of wooden structures, large windows, and open spaces make up the perfect ingredients for a striking and unique residence.

Luxury Residence Hawaii

The location and the avant-garde design render the Kona residence a true architectural gem, immersed in nature in all of its splendor in the beautiful Hawaii.

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