Malibu: Cindy Crawford Purchases a New Luxury Home

Just the thought of Malibu, infuses immediate images of sea, sun and sand, nestled in this beautiful corner of California, looking out onto the Pacific Ocean. With its undeniable charm, Malibu has captured the hearts of many a celebrity, including super model Cindy Crawford. The nineties top model has decided to invest 6 million dollars in a luxury property with her husband, Rande Gerber.

Malibu Cindy Crawford Purchases a New House

In fact, the couple have lived in the coastal city for a number of years now, Rande Gerber, a renowned restaurateur manages one of his most prestigious joints here.

Malibu Luxury House

The couple have planned to demolish the property that they have just purchased in order to make way for the construction of a new dream residence. The existing property dates back to 1958, and it is lacking the standards that Cindy Crawford and her man are used to. Their high-end house in Malibu is one of the most beautiful properties in the city.

Malibu Cindy Crawford Purchases a New Home

The luxury home is set in Point Dume, a wonderful neighborhood with tree lined streets, which grant privacy for the celebrity residents such as Kenny G, Sean Penn, and Julia Roberts.

Luxury House Malibu

The most striking aspect of the luxury property is no doubt the private pathway that leads directly to the beach. This was a strong selling point for the couple who have based their entire development plans around this essential factor.

Cindy Crawfords Real Estate Purchase

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