Tel Aviv: “Meier on Rothschild Tower” Apartment for Sale for $50 Million

The Meier on Rothschild is a 180 meter high building, situated in the financial and cultural center of Tel Aviv, the “White City” in Rothschild Boulevard.

Tel Aviv: “Meier on Rothschild Tower” Apartment for Sale for $50 Million

It was granted 10th place amongst luxury skyscrapers by Forbes magazine. The skyscraper was designed by the youngest winner of the Pritzker Award, American architect Richard Meier. The high-end building is found by the Tel Aviv shopping center, not far from the sea.

Tel Aviv: “Meier on Rothschild Tower” Apartment for Sale for $50 Million

The striking building is distinguished by its white and aluminum tones, it is the first time ever for this aluminum feature to be used in Israeli construction. The aluminum was sourced from Germany and the glass used is lead free, in order to increase its transparency.

Tel Aviv: “Meier on Rothschild Tower” Apartment for Sale for $50 Million

This incomparable tower is the embodiment of pure luxury, exclusivity and uniqueness. Covering a total of 42 floors, the building offers 47 luxury apartments in Tel Aviv. Amongst these luxury abodes, a penthouse worth 50 million dollars stands out, covering two floors and 975 square meters of luxury space. The penthouse consists of twelve lavish rooms, seven of which are bedrooms, a spacious dining room, a suite, a bar, a private cinema, a spa, a gym and a swimming pool, all with a seven meter tall ceiling.

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The other apartments cover around 100 square meters, while the penthouses reach 1,250 square meters. The views are breathtaking, with the Mediterranean sea on the west and the Judaean mountains on the east. It has been rumored that Madonna is considering purchasing a property here.

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A large deluxe shopping center is being planned for alongside the building. Furthermore, the building is to be fitted with state-of the art electrical and security systems to ensure maximum security and comfort for its residents.

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