California: Paradise Design Amidst the Desert for $3mn

This striking residence nestled in the Joshua Tree National Park is a unique gem, which skillfully stands out for the very reason that it is perfectly integrated within its sublime setting.

Paradise Design Amidst the Desert in California for $3mn

After five years of intense work, from 1988 to 1993, this compelling desert house was completed to perfection, and it is now on the market for 3 million dollars.

Luxury interior California

From a distance it almost seems like a grotto, hidden amongst the rocky backdrop of the suggestive Californian park. However, the closer you get, the distinguished contemporary residence nonchalantly becomes clear against the sandy landscape. A secret pathway leads through the desert rocks to stone steps which direct you upward to a patio, where the entrance of the architectural master piece awaits. Needless to say the view from this point is surreal.

Luxury House California

The remarkable design of this exclusive Californian residence, both the interior and exterior is otherworldly. An illustrious desert theme sweeps through each of the rooms in pure style. Harmony is achieved in the kitchen with the fusion of modern state-of the-art appliances and the poetic desert feel that fills the space with stone sculptures and indicative plants.

California luxury home Amidst the Desert for $3mn

The upper floor houses a circular bedroom, with unusual shaped windows, which offer dreamlike views of Joshua Tree National Park. The curious shaped room connects to a complimenting terrace, tactfully set in the midst of nature’s raw rocks.

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