The First Ever Temperature Controlled Neighborhood in Dubai

The unbearable summer temperatures in Dubai can reach up to 43 degrees during the day, while at night you’re lucky if temperatures drop by 10 degrees. Subsequently, entrepreneur Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum has commissioned top architects in the United Arab Emirates to construct the first ever temperature controlled neighborhood. The exciting construction project entitled “Mall of the World” is planned to appear at Dubai’s Port. A giant glass vault will keep the sweltering heat from entering this miniature city, while an advanced internal air-conditioning system will do the rest to ensure a pleasant and fresh environment, regardless of the weather conditions outdoors.

Mall of the world Dubai

The highly ambitious Mall of the World project is the first in its nature to battle the overly heated summer days in Dubai, and it is expected to attract 180 million visitors per year. One hundred buildings shall be built within the giant glass dome, including hotels, luxury condos, a wellness center, a shopping mall inspired by Oxford Street in London, a theme park and various Broadway style theatres. Furthermore, there shall be more than 50,000 parking spaces spread around the mini-city. When the summer months come to an end, and it’s cooling powers will no longer be needed ,the Mall of the World shall open up to integrate with the rest of the city.

The First Ever Temperature Controlled Neighborhood in Dubai

According to various reports, the structure is to have a striking futuristic aspect. The entrepreneur of the project has a weak spot for skyscrapers, and his taste is sure to reflect in the building’s design.

Mall of the world Emirates

In addition to being futuristic and unique in its kind, the entire project is also eco-friendly. The development project commissioned for the architectural team from Dubai Holding foresees an eco-friendly transport system and air purification system. The work for these eagerly anticipated luxury properties in Dubai is expected to begin by the end of 2014, further details with regards to costs etc. will soon be available in the coming days after a scheduled press conference.

Mall of the world

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