Author J.D Salinger’s Luxury Home for Sale in New Hampshire

Contemporary fiction enthusiasts are sure to know this author’s work and enthralling details of his private life, which unfolded against a New Hampshire background, in a home in Cornish. The controversial writer moved to the little village in 1950, at a time when his name began to weigh down on a city like New York. The author of “The Catcher in the Rye” preferred to take refuge in this small little town , in a secluded home, which the rather solitary writer rarely left, and many a scandal of love affairs unraveled.

Author J.D Salinger’s Luxury Home for Sale in New Hampshire

The property changed hands in 1980, and after more than thirty years the current owner, Joan Littlefield, has put the home back on the market for 680 thousand dollars. Needless to say, the history of the home where the acclaimed author wrote some of his last pieces, and its grand cultural value have had an obvious influence on the asking price. The high-end property in the United States measures almost 270 square meters, set in a park of almost five hectares. The immense property isolates the luxury home from surrounding houses. There are four spacious and bright bedrooms in the home, with lovely views of the surrounding five hectares of land, and five bathrooms.

J.D Salinger’s Luxury Home for Sale in New Hampshire

While the various rooms enjoy ample space, they maintain a welcoming and warm ambiance. The living room is graced with a redbrick fireplace, which fits in perfectly with Salinger’s traditional choice of furniture. The grounds of the luxury home are complete with inviting pathways nestled in the beautiful setting, perfect for splendid walks throughout the vibrant green surroundings.

Author J.D Salinger’s Luxury Home for Sale in New Hampshire

The current owner has explained that the idea of selling dawned after the death of the writer in 2010, with hope to increase the asking price by the odd thousand dollars, with the intention of attracting the writers appraisers or perhaps other writers in search of a secluded and peaceful residence.

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