Chris Martin Moves into a Luxury Home by Gwyneth Paltrow

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow were considered to be one of the worlds most envied couples for years. Just a month ago however, the couple officially announced their decision to end their relationship. After having spent a luxury holiday together as a family, with their two children, Chris Martin has decided to rent a villa in the same street as the holiday home, where Gwyneth is continuing the holiday with daughter Apple, and son Moses.

Luxury Home in the Hamptons

The heartbreaking news was quick to spread around the world, after being reported in the New York Times. According to various theories, there could still be some hope for the couple to reconcile.

Chris Martin Rents Home in the Hamptons

The frontman of Coldplay rented the property from the General Director of the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the strongest teams in American Basketball NBA.

Chris Martin Rents Luxury House in the Hamptons

The 370 square meter luxury New York home is located in the Hamptons at the far end of Long Island. The residence has a spacious living room with a feature fireplace, surrounded by armchairs and sofas, creating a cozy atmosphere. The large windows fill the inviting space with natural light, making the room bright and airy, with lovely views of the garden.

Chris Martin Rents Luxury Home the Hamptons

The kitchen blends beautifully with the style found in the rest of the house, with white acting as the dominant color, contrasting with the distinguished wood of the island. There are a total of five bedrooms and bathrooms.

Chris Martin Rents Luxury Home in Hamptons

The perfectly-kept garden houses a luxury swimming pool, ideal for some quality time with the rest of his family. The interior of the property is particularly classical and bright, void of modern elements, and rather complete with inviting aspects which create a familiar and cozy space.

Chris Martin Rents  Home in  Hamptons

The choice to rent this luxury residence a few meters from the woman that the Coldplay singer has recently separated with, reflects the profound respect that the two parents have for each other, and the love that they share for their two children. While the actress and singer may have made a decision to step away from their 11-year marriage, their roles as parents is very much a priority, as is the respect that they have for each other as individuals.

Chris Martin Luxury Home in the Hamptons

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