The Iconic New York Plaza Has Caught the Eye of the Sultan of Brunei

The New York Plaza is one of the most historical hotels in the city, noted for its luxury status and pure elegance. The hotel boasts a colorful guest record, including an array of international celebrity guests and heads of state. The five star hotel is so much more than a hotel, it has witnessed decisions that have changed history giving it historical significance, and it is now for sale.

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It would seem that the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, is in a position to consider any figure in order to get his hands on the storied luxury New York hotel. However, with the rapid spread of this news, protests by civil rights associations broke out.

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Overlooking the protests, it would seem that with an agreement of 2.2 billion dollars, the Sultan of Brunei could become the owner of another important hotel in New York, the Dream Hotel and Grosvenor House in London. Each of the properties belong to the same owner, Indian tycoon Subrata Roy, currently in prison in New Delhi, after being accused of contempt of institutional charges.

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After failing to appear in court, Subrata Roy faces a bail amount of 1.6 billion dollars. By giving up these three acclaimed luxurious properties the business man will be in the clear in terms of paying the requested amount to the Indian government.

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With the purchase of these investments in New York, the Sultan of Brunei would indeed become the owner, however he would not have overall authority in the actual management. His quota is equal to that of the network Hampshire Hotels and the Arabian Prince Al Waleed.

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The basis of the protests of the human rights associations come from the possibility that from next year the Sultan could start executing women, lesbian, gay or transgender people. Consequently, the human rights association called on New Yorkers to take a stand against such a regime and for Hassanal Bolkiah to take his business elsewhere.

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