Who would not like to experience, at least once in their lifetime, the thrill of traveling aboard a super luxury yacht, enjoying all the amenities one is sure to find on the world’s finest floating luxury homes?  With this particular yacht, however, the engineers have created something that surpasses even what most of us  might conjure up in a real estate

something truly unique that will surely be desired and talked about by people everywhere. The tropical island paradise yacht is more than a boat; it is a self-propelled  floating  paradise island. Just seeing her at sea is a spectacle, and for the small, exclusive group of people who have been fortunate enough to be on board, undoubtedly unforgettable.Paradise Island Yacht

The yacht was created by Yacht Island Design studio, based in Derby, England, but the yacht’s owner is apparently keen to keep his own identity a secret.  In fact much is still undisclosed about this luxury beacon, its mystery only adding to its intrigue.Yacht Tropical Paradise Island

Its ultra-luxurious cabins can accommodate 10 guests in floating suites that overlook the sea. On the deck above is a lush tropical garden surrounding a heated swimming pool. The cabins on this yacht are unlike any found on most luxury boats. It feels more like an exclusive resort in the heart of tropical island. Beneath the deck the yacht is complete with office spaces, relaxing lounge areas, a restaurant and a gym.Luxury Yacht

The highlight of Tropical Paradise Yacht however is a volcano on the top deck, from which bursts forth a marvelous waterfall that cascades down into the pool. Five gorgeous bamboo huts line the pool, where guests can relax with a drink in the shade. Extending from the back is an additional floating platform, where guests can access the sea and utilize the jet skis, etc. or simply enjoy the view from under one of the floating home on ocean

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