Who would not like to be constantly bathed in the sun, while inside their home? Aside from moving from room to room as the day progresses however, it’s not easy to satisfy this craving. The only solution would be a rotating house, which in fact is the ambitious project just developed by a team of innovative architects. This rotating home, the first of its kind, is located in Tehran, Iran, seems aimed at redefining the traditional concept of home. The rooms are able to independently turn ninety degrees to benefit from natural light during all hours of the day, just as the professionals of Nextoffice studio envisioned. The ‘Sharifi-ha house’ as it is called consists of seven floors, three of which have the capacity to turn in constant admiration of the sun. Sharifi-ha house

To change the orientation of the rooms and alter their atmosphere, residents need simply press a button. This unique feature was inspired by a technique used often in theatre, to rotate an entire stage and reveal a different set without losing time to set up. And Iran was the perfect place to construct this experimental project, given that homes here are commonly built with both a summer and a winter living room, positioned separately on opposite sides of the di lusso in Iran

This luxury home in Iran’s unusual characteristics are certainly what give it an edge, and the internal spaces are no exception. The layout is in fact quite complex and unique, in order to allow for rotation at any given moment.  This in no way puts restrictions on the lavishness found throughout, however.  Superior quality materials are exalted by abundant natural light and each detail is highly refined, from the luxurious private rooms above to the fitness and family-focused rooms below.

Sharifi-ha house Iran

casa di lusso in Teheran, Iran

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