Palazzo Valperga Galleani is one of the most beautiful buildings in Turin. It is located on the very central Via Alfieri and was recently renovated from top to bottom by some of the most talented designers of Italy, who in fact received a prestigious award for their impeccable renovation.gli interni di lusso in italia a torino

The award was given to them by the international portal Archdaily, a leader in the world of design and architecture, which annually awards a best restoration.  Despite the competition coming from various prestigious projects the world over, who in turn wowed the jury with their cutting edge achievements, the Italian project beat the competition in virtually no time at all.Turin, Italy luxury home

The project in the Piedmont city was renamed “The Number 6″ – referring to its address on via Alfieri. The splendid seventeenth century building has been transformed into a real masterpiece of renovation. The Baroque façade of the building was not changed, but the professionals involved were keen to add an ultra-modern touch to the interior of the building. Richi Ferrero, known in the Bel Paese as the lighting artist,  exemplifies this with his contribution enhancing the common areas with special LED installations, including the garden and courtyard, which features  a stunning tree whose branches design culminate in light bulbs.  Ferrero had light points inserted even among the pebbles of the property. The result, of course, is an astonishing and almost fairytale oasis whose Baroque roots remain evident. The garden is now an intimate and welcoming place in which the tenants of the Palazzo Valperga Galleani can take refuge for a bit of peace and design, Turin, italy

It was certainly an important renovation that was perhaps even a bit overdue, considering that  luxury apartments in this part of Turin are inhabited mostly by professional soccer player, TV personalities and wealthy immobile in italia

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