Those who think that the Sahara desert is just a hot and abandoned place where there is nothing but sand, well, they are very wrong. A futuristic project has recently been approved. In the very heart of the most famous desert in the world, there will be a majestic tower that will look like a rock to be in line with the wild nature surrounding it, but on the inside it will have a series of extraordinary rooms.

Sahara Luxury Tower

In such an absolutely unique tower, both for location and style, a large number of shops, exclusive and luxurious hotels, apartments and offices will be housed. It will become a place where people live, work and have fun. In a few words, the tower will be a kind of city, endowed with an absolutely incredible innovation, a farm, that will allow the building to be self-sustainable.

You may thing that everything inside the building will be extremely chic and expensive, but customers will flock for sure since the landscape will be unique: a 360° view on the Sahara! Not only, though. On the top floor there will be an observatory to look at the starry sky in the middle of the desert, that will be one of the most amazing views in nature.

Sand tower

With its 720,000 square foot surface, the building is an unprecedented example of how an isolated and inhospitable location can become a place where fun and luxury prevail, a place where nature blends harmoniously with architecture. An actual oasis that has pleasant surprises set aside for the lucky ones who will be able to work and stay at such a unique place. The inside recalls a luxurious green jungle, an environment that reverberates light and coolness in one of the most inhospitable and sultry places on the planet. Never has a building witnessed how mankind can shape nature and bend it to the weirdest needs in such an eloquent way. As it turns out, the so-called cathedral in the desert is now a thing, and it is one of the most unlikely and spectacular places that human hands have ever built.

Sand Tower


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