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Guarujá, Villas and Luxury Homes for sale - Prestigious Properties in Guarujá



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Colonized predominantly by the Spanish and Portuguese, this island has many fortresses and churches from Brazil’s colonization period. Known as the Island of the Sun for its pleasant climate year round. This beautiful seaside escape off the São Paulo coastline is the preferred destination for many VIPs and wealthy families. Located only 73 miles from San Paulo, Guaruja’s 25 beaches satisfy without doubt the most varied tastes with their variety and charm. For those seeking activity and excitement, a penthouse on the beaches of Pitangueiras or Astúrias is perfect. For sports lovers, an apartment on the beach of Enseada is convenient, given the elevated waves and urban activity including a vibrant nightlife and exclusive bars. The Iporanga beach with its beautiful waterfalls is ideal for those seeking a truly exclusive paradise, as it is accessible only to residents of the luxury condominiums here. A luxury villa on this beach is a real status symbol. Guaruja is known for its natural, unspoiled beauty, such as the beaches of São Pedro and Prainha Bianca, or the exquisite seafood destination Pereque. Not to miss is the fortress of Barra Grande, built in the sixteenth century by Spaniards to defend against pirates, as wells as the Farol da Moela and the region’s beautiful hiking trails.