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Rio de Janeiro, Villas and Luxury Homes for sale - Prestigious Properties in Rio de Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro

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A “cidade maravilhosa” is not in need of a presentation. The cradle of Samba and Bossa Nova, this magnificent city was the capital of Brazil and remains the symbol of this nation. Apart from the undeniable fun to be had here, the city offers many business opportunities and is home to some of the largest companies in the country. Its urban landscape has been registered with the Unesco World Heritage. Living in Rio means adopting a calm and cheerful lifestyle, as well as very healthy one, seeing as the climate of the city favors the practice of outdoor sports: soccer, running, cycling, surf, rock-climbing, hand-gliding, hiking, volleyball etc. You could purchase a luxury apartment in Leblon, the most expensive neighborhood in the city, or a luxury penthouse in Ipanema close to wonderful beaches and elegant boutiques, which will leave your wallets lighter. Furthermore, you could be lucky enough to find inspiration here, as did Tom Jobim. Elegant residential neighborhoods such as Lagoa, Gávea and Jardim Botânico, extend behind Laguna Rodrigo de Freitas. Purchase a luxury apartment in one of these neighborhoods and take advantage of the vicinity to Jardim Botânico and the impressive bars and restaurants. Copacabana is the most renowned district in Brazil, purchasing a penthouse in a luxury condominium in this area is a symbol of social status. Furthermore, Copacabana is overflowing with bars with live music and exclusive nightclubs frequented by the VIP’s of the city. If you prefer to opt for a more calm and tranquil spot, a luxury villa in Leme would be ideal. Invest in a luxury office in one of the modern buildings in the center of the city and take advantage of its surroundings: beautiful baroque churches, period colonial buildings, museums, and traditional delights such as the opportunity to taste a “pastel de nata” in the traditional Confeitaria Colombo. Visit the wonderful tourist spots such as Pão de Açúcar and Cristo Redentor. Appreciate the Arcos, the Bonde, and the Rodas de Samba de Lapa. Meet artists and intellectuals in the neighborhood, Santa Tereza. Finally, attend the Derby Fla-Flu in the most famous stadium in the world: the Maracanã!

  • Office in Rio de Janeiro
    € 903,600
    408 m² 2
    Presented by Guedes Leiras Imóveis
  • Luxury home in Rio de Janeiro
    € 820,000
    724 m² 6 4
    Presented by BRASCASA
  • Land in Rio de Janeiro
    € 901,600
    10,000 m²
    Presented by RE/MAX VIX
  • Duplex in Rio de Janeiro
    € 345,600
    130 m² 3 3
    Presented by Priori Imóveis
  • Office in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro
    € 743,800
    445 m² 2
    Presented by Allan GGS Imóveis
  • Luxury home in Rio de Janeiro
    € 150,300
    460 m² 3 3
    Presented by Anasoarescorretora
  • Apartment in Rio de Janeiro
    € 889,200
    237 m² 4
    Presented by SONIA MONTEIRO
  • Penthouse in Rio de Janeiro
    € 1,232,200
    372 m² 6 4
    Presented by Gama Luxury By Nova
  • Apartment in Rio de Janeiro
    € 240,400
    97 m² 2 2
    Presented by Guilherme Bittencourt
  • Apartment in Rio de Janeiro
    € 330,600
    127 m² 3 3
    Presented by Priori Imóveis
  • Penthouse in Rio de Janeiro
    € 479,400
    4 4
    Presented by Claudio Walker - Walker Barra Imóveis
  • Apartment in Rio de Janeiro
    € 338,100
    204 m² 2 5
    Presented by Camila Villanueva
  • Apartment in Rio de Janeiro
    € 255,500
    86 m² 2 2
  • Penthouse in Rio de Janeiro
    € 616,100
    600 m² 7 5
    Presented by Fábio Brune Executivo de Vendas Imobiliários. Focado no mercado de alto luxo no Rio de Janeiro
  • Luxury home in Rio de Janeiro
    € 751,400
    900 m² 5 5
    Presented by IBVI