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Luxury Homes Italy for sale - Prestigious Villas and Apartments in Italy



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With its cultural, artistic, natural and gastronomic richness, Italy has many ways to attract buyers of luxury property. Firstly Rome takes you back in time to the Roman Empire, the Baroque and the Renaissance. The Eternal City is home of ‘la dolce vita’ where there are luxury penthouses in the heart of the historic centre and spacious apartments in refined neighbourhoods such as Parioli. The economic and financial capital, Milan is also the city of fashion and design, a city which offers prestigious homes in Liberty, Neo-classical and modern buildings. Italy has a wealth of different regions and atmospheres including the Veneto, which boasts magnificent Venice and Liguria which is home to Genoa, Portofino and Cinque Terre. Located in the central area of Italy are the art cities of Florence, Assisi and Siena as well as the stunning countryside of Tuscany which has desirable luxury homes which provide elegance and tranquillity. Campania is home to the renowned locations of Napoli and Pompei as well as the splendid Amalfi Coast while the amazing beaches of Puglia and Calabria attract people from all over the world. Finally Italy’s many islands also offer some prestigious real estate, particularly Sardinia where luxury villas are snapped up by the rich and famous.

  • Rome


    Rome is more than just a city of thousands of years of history. This magnificent birthplace of fine arts also offers historic residences, elegant...

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  • Venice


    Venice, a floating city that seems to have remained unchanged for centuries. Founded on 117 islands, the capital of the Veneto region continues to be...

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  • Florence


    Florence is the artistic capital of Italy, considered as the birth place of the Renaissance and noted as one of the most beautiful cities in the...

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  • Tuscany


    Tuscany boasts some of the most desirable country homes in the world so its no wonder that its luxury property market is dominated by these kinds of...

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  • Sicily


    Choosing to live in Sicily is like choosing a different style of living. The slow rhythm of life, delicious food, warm hospitality, ancient...

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  • Sardinia


    Thanks to many new airline routes, Sardinia has never been so accessible. Wild and at the same time internationally popular, this stunning island...

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  • Milan


    Milan is the economic and financial capital of Italy but is also well-known as the centre of fashion and design. The city's fashion week and the...

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  • Siena


    Siena is one of the most beautiful towns in Tuscany thanks to its incredible medieval architecture which is an indication of the city’s prosperous...

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  • Como


    Lario, better known as Lake Como, is a little piece of heaven on earth located just 50km from Milan. All around are towns which offer an unparalleled...

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  • Forte dei Marmi

    This beautiful seaside city is located in the province of Lucca, in Tuscany on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Popular among noble families and personalities in...

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  • Verona

    The city of Verona, famously the setting for Romeo and Juliet, is known worldwide as a symbol of romance. Verona has approximately 243,500...

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  • Terraced house in Bardolino, Provincia di Verona
    Price on Application
    167 m² 2 2
    Presented by
  • Country House in Baschi, Province of Terni
    € 600,000
    250 m² 4
    Presented by Great Estate Immobiliare S.R.L. Unipersonale
  • Palace in Florence, Tuscany
    € 1,560,000
    209 m² 3
    Presented by Remax Joy
  • Apartment in Modena, Provincia di Modena
    € 695,000
    200 m² 2 3
    Presented by Immobiliare Del Corso S.r.l.
  • Villa in Morlupo, Rome
    € 690,000
    400 m² 7
    Presented by CasaRoma Immobili
  • Villa in Isolabona, Provincia di Imperia
    € 430,000
    320 m² 9
    Presented by Immobiliare Montecarlo S.A.S.
  • Villa in Rome, Latium
    € 599,000
    140 m² 2 2
    Presented by Panta Rei Soluzioni Immobiliari
  • Country House in Varese, Provincia di Varese
    € 560,000
    380 m² 2 3
    Presented by Smart Home
  • Apartment in Arzachena, Provincia di Sassari
    € 740,000
    65 m² 1 2
    Presented by BARNES PORTO CERVO
  • Apartment in Arzachena, Provincia di Sassari
    € 900,000
    90 m² 3 2
    Presented by BARNES PORTO CERVO
  • Apartment in Arzachena, Provincia di Sassari
    € 1,200,000
    2 2
    Presented by BARNES PORTO CERVO
  • Villa in Forlì, Provincia di Forlì
    Price on Application
    300 m² 3 4
    Presented by studio immobiliare ghirelli
  • Apartment in Gazzola, Provincia di Piacenza
    € 587,000
    331 m² 8
    Presented by KCIMMOBILGEST
  • Villa in Renon - Ritten, Provincia di Bolzano
    Price on Application
    622 m² 8
    Presented by Christian Weissensteiner Immobilien SAS
  • Country House in Ostuni, Provincia di Brindisi
    € 450,000
    339 m² 2 5
    Presented by Virgilio Casa Real Estate