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€ 20,545,600

Farm for Sale in Maranhão, Estado da Paraíba




Exceptional location 150 km from the railway terminal, flat, good water resources, with three-phase power installed, planted with soybeans more than ten years, currently involved with tillage. It set several properties for a total area of ​​50,000 ha, escriturados and geo-referenced. Agricultural suitability for soybean, cotton, sunflower and sugarcane. The size of the property and for three-phase power and plenty of water installing an ethanol plant large and viable, as well as biodiesel. Access: Good roads enable the transport of grains in bi-train at any time of year. Excellent logistics. Soon the railroad north - south pass nearby. Currencies: natural and wire. Improvements: 1 - 80T scale. with all logistics office 1 - 1 Cantina - Accommodation for 40 employees 4 - 2 houses of residence - Barracks tracilhado "V" for grain capacity of 400,000 bags 1 - Tour fuel pump, capacity 15.000l 1 - Shed for machines with dimension 50/150m 1 - runway 4 - four houses in retreat 10.000 ha of cultivated area and corrected, ready to plant 1 - Artesian Well Energy Surrounded and divided. 35 km of three-phase power transmission line, with downgrades in various parts of the property 129 km of internal roads Water: Two permanent rivers and several streams, and wells to meet the needs of farms. Forest cover: Ranging from the thick savannah open gallery. Solo: PH part covered by cerrado between 4.8 to 5.5. Clay least 35%. The acreage is fully corrected, fertilized and phosphate, in addition to the micro-nutrients necessary for sugarcane, sunflower, cotton and / or soy. OBS.: In the region it produces a second crop (second cycle of annual planting) Average Altitude: 530 mts Topography: Flat Annual Production 2002-2009 maximum of 54 and minimum of 47 sacks of soybeans / ha Yield Production: BR 110 to Porto Swiss and North-South railway Pluviometry: Average 38 September mm 142 mm 126 mm October November December 222 mm 262 mm 411 mm January February March mm 334 mm 236 mm April 68 May June 3 Julho 0 mm 10 mm mm August 1812 Annual Average 2002 Documentation to 2009: Under immediate transfer. NOTE: On most it has 30,000 hectares with 15,000 open already producing, making a total of 60,000 hectares with 30,000 open. Price: R $ 130,000,000.00



Published on
4 November 2013

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