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Luxury House for sale in Zagreb, Grad Zagreb



Our offer includes: houses by the sea, optionally with pool and garden villas. Optionally with pool and garden Apartments by the sea, optionally with pool and garden Investment projects: hotels, apartment buildings New construction projects Agricultural investments: olive plantations, walnut plantations, apple plantations, arable land, blueberry plantations, vineyards Jagdgrund Insel, sea property *(many properties with sea views) You have individual wishes or want an object in a certain city? Then feel free to contact me! What are the peculiarities of investing in Croatia? Who can buy land and real estate in Croatia? Basically every Croatian citizen, every citizen of an EU country and every Croatian company. Anyone can set up a company in Croatia, even non-EU citizens! Is there a land register in Croatia? Yes, and it works in the way with security of registration, ranking and annotations on mortgages like in Austria and Germany. When Croatia joined the EU in 2013, it adopted many things from both countries. Who makes the purchase contract, who makes the entry in the land register? In Croatia, we cooperate with a state-registered notary and a specialized lawyer who draw up the contracts and take care of the entire process, including entry in the land register. The notary can also provide an escrow account to process the purchase. What additional costs are incurred when buying a property/a plot of land? The commission for brokers / mediation is 3% plus 25% VAT. The costs for notary, lawyer, entry in the land register are to be calculated at around 1.5% plus 25% VAT. The land transfer tax is 3%. Loan financing from a Croatian bank, what are the conditions there? In the case of real estate, there is usually a loan term of 10-12 years, an equity share of approx. 30-50% is necessary. The interest is about 4-5% / year. What are the advantages of a new building project / house according to your own wishes? With your own Croatian company you can have real estate built like a private house, apartment house with deduction of sales tax of 25%. So you can save so much money. For a project with, for example, EUR 450,000 incl. VAT, deducting the property costs, that means around EUR 100,000 less capital! What are the approximate costs of running your own business in Croatia? One-off start-up costs EUR 3,900 net including all fees and contracts, accounting flat rate of approx. EUR 2,500 net per year. How can I be sure that my money will be used for construction? The construction is monitored by a sworn expert. The payments to the construction companies are made according to the progress of the project and the approval of the SV! Who looks after the property: garden, cleaning, possibly also letting? We have partner companies in Croatia that can do this on site! Do I have to travel to Croatia to start a business? No, that is not necessary. We take care of everything online and by post, so that there are no additional costs for the otherwise necessary travel and stay of the company founder. The entire process takes about 6 to 8 weeks. At the end of the incorporation process, the founder gets a bank account with worldwide internet banking in English at a Croatian bank, in EUR and Croatian kuna. Do I have to live in Croatia to own a company? No of course not! As a company founder, you don't have to be employed by the company, so there are no social security costs. What are the tax rates in Croatia for companies? VAT is generally 25%, lower only for groceries and medicines. Corporate tax for companies is 12-18%, personal income tax is 12-30%. AGRICULTURE Who can buy a farm / agricultural land in Croatia? For all non-Croatian citizens, the acquisition of agricultural land, farm, plantation, etc. is only possible with the establishment of a Croatian company. This works the same way as described above, we can do the foundation. The company is then entered in a register of agricultural businesses, similar to a chamber of agriculture. As a result, the company can apply for and use all possible EU subsidies for investments and grants for cultivation. For specific questions or a detailed consultation, you can contact me at any time. Invest in the beautiful coastal areas like Medulin, Istria, Pula, Zadar and more. Croatia is known for its medieval buildings, which are characterized by Renaissance and Gothic styles. Croatia also stretches out with beautiful coastal areas and a diverse flora and fauna. Croatia is also rich in unique natural landscapes: from the gentle hills of Istria, through the magnificent coasts of Dalmatia to the mountains of the Dinaric Alps. Croatia is the perfect place for hikers, sports enthusiasts, culture lovers, sailors and boaters and for everyone who loves the sea and the beach.




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