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€ 3,500,000

8 room exclusive country house for sale in Sant Miquel de Balenyà, Spain

900 m² 5 8



It is an agrarian farm with dairy cow exploitation, the operation is 900 head of cattle, the fields or cadastral plots have 95% dry farming, the farm also has its own water in two sectors east and west, then we We let you take a look at the plots and cadastral references. Graphic area: 46,222 m². Graphic area: 100,049 m². Graphic area: 7,984 m² Graphic area: 20,743 m² Graphic area: 34,671 m². Graphic area 5,012 m². Graphic area: 516 m². Graphic area: 43,674 m² Graphic area: 30,360 m². Graphic area: 10,918 m². Graphic area: 516 m². Graphic area: 40,122 m². The sum of the graphic surface amounts to a total of 356,519 m², that is, the farm has 35.6 hectares at the level of graphic description. La Riera is a 17th century farmhouse that grew around a medieval defensive construction, which was consolidated in the 19th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, an extension was made with a new modernist-style volume at the back. It is a rectangular building that is structured in five corridors, of which the mistral corresponds to a defense tower. It consists of a ground floor, first floor and attics and has a gabled roof with the ridge perpendicular to the façade. The front is composed symmetrically according to five symmetrical openings with a flat arch, except for the portal with a semicircular arch with voussoirs. Above the key there is a stone with a heraldic shield in relief. The openings of the tower are made of flat stone arches. On the Tramuntana façade, the windows are flat arched stone, one of which is inscribed: «SEGIMON FONT TORDERA Y RIERA, with a relief border interspersed with the year «1762» and an engraved Sacred Choir. On the south side façade, the windows are framed imitating stone. The treatment of the walls is stone facing the façade, where the openings stand out with a plastered frame with moldings, and plastering on the side façades. The eastern part differs stylistically from the rest of the construction with a modernist volume and an adjoining chapel, which are internally integrated with the farmhouse. It consists of three raised levels and is defined by two horizontal galleries with large windows; on the floor they are twinned with ceramic oculi and upper semicircular molding and the attics are trigeminal with semicircular brick arches and upper brick molding. The floor frames incorporate an upper canopy supported by rafters. At the end of the sirocco the chapel is attached. Inside, there are two inscribed portals, one with the IHS anagram and the date «1633» and the other with the same anagram and «FRANCHESC VILA Y RIERA 1636». In front of the main façade, oriented to the west, there is a large red era, in the surroundings of which there are several adjoining buildings, such as the dovecote, the beating and the courts. In front of the eastern part there is a large patio that is closed off by a bastion and a doorway.



External size
356,519 m²
900 m²

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