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Luxury Hotel for sale in Rua Sebastião Santiago, S/N, São João Nepomuceno, Minas Gerais, Estado do Acre

7,000 m² 30



Castelo Monalisa With satisfaction, we present a unique development in our country, located in the Zona da Mata Mineira. The Castle Monalisa certainly brings together in its architectural set more than 36 suites, all equipped with central air conditioning system and individual remote control in all environments. All the suites have a closet and individual air conditioning system with a different design from each other, which makes the development totally different from everything that was already built in the country. The main building is equipped with 02 (two) elevators and all its accesses are made of marble, of the most diverse qualities. In its main towers we can observe a diversity of refinement and finish, including in its bathrooms with imported marbles of unique and unequaled aspect. No internal outposts have been made for security reasons, where interested parties should visit the Castle in person. There is no security system installed, since we always adopt the physical security system of the facilities, but the city has a company specialized in electronic and physical security and the crime rate where the enterprise is located is zero. In its annex is available more than ten dependencies (rooms) for servants and covered garage. The Monalisa Castle also has an aquatic complex with the largest residential and perhaps even commercial pool in South America, with fully automated equipment, including a sauna, heated pool, whirlpool, locker rooms and ample convention area (open site). The area comprising the Monalisa Castle has 192 hectares and is located in the municipality of São João Nepomuceno / MG, 180 km from Rio de Janeiro and 290 km from Belo Horizonte, all surrounded by lakes that provide water sports such as Jet ski and small boats. The Monalisa Castle has already installed an industrial and modern kitchen. We would like to point out to the interested parties that in this project the main building is not yet furnished and certain finishing details have not yet been made, since at the eminence of its commercialization to the hotel chain, company or even individual, certainly the entrepreneur would do the interior decoration which suited him best, emphasizing that it was a new and never inhabited building. Date of construction: (1982 to 1990). The value of the proposed venture is certainly within the expectations of the market, not to mention that because it is a unique and exclusive venture in our country, it is extremely difficult to evaluate how much this venture can be valued if it is intended for commercial purposes, which consulting companies that specialize in the industry claim that it would increase its value by more than 40% if it were transformed into a resort or industry HOTELEIRA. There are areas bordering Castle Monalisa that can be expanded up to over 600 hectares. Own and differentiated writings, belonging to the same group, but we record this information only as information, because it is a business differentiated from what we propose. If there is interest should be marketed separately, these data only for those who wish to make the Castle Monalisa also a large complex of green area and / or farm. There are structures for horses (corral, with bays) and structure for dairy cattle besides an event lane for animals (lit) with capacity for up to 8000 people. It owns dairy cattle in small quantity and is one of the largest producers of reining horses of the country, in addition to having plantation of more than 200,000 feet of coffee with beginning of harvest foreseen for 2010, with annual income of R $ 500,000, 00 reais / year. We emphasize that this item is not included in the project, but as spoken belongs to the same group with different deed and is also available for sale. The region has companies that offer high speed internet and according to the contracted plan you put wi-fi and the speed you want. As for television, it is available for contracting SKY among others, that with the advent of satellite transmission or at high speed you watch what you want. In addition to the city itself, which is São João Nepomuceno, a reference in commerce, health and education, there are countless neighboring cities, historical and tourist areas that are a reference for tourism and national and world research, as well as Juiz de Fora, infrastructure, city with more than 700,000 inhabitants. There is a heliport for getting down large helicopters. The annual average temperature is 21ºC, with a minimum of 13ºC and a maximum of 27ºC. There are schools in the municipality considered as the best in the state, as well as a language school, computing, etc. The Castelo Monalisa is 40 km away from the city of Juiz de Fora (with its own commercial airport) and 18 km Goiana International Airport, also available for large aircraft. Other business conditions and payment will be handled if there is a real purchase interest with formalized response with our legal department. General Registry of Real Estate (RGI), Certificates and other documents related to the negotiation, are available to be presented to the real interested parties, by means of a "letter of intent" to be requested from Jornal Imóveis Curitiba, by e-mail: contato@ jornalimoveiscuritiba



External size
1,920,000 m²
7,000 m²
Published on
2 May 2017
Castelo Monalisa
Rua Sebastião Santiago, S/N, São João Nepomuceno
Exterior Type

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