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Luxury island for sale in Puerto Carmen, Chile



Guafo Island has a surface of 20.000 hectares. In the southeast there is a famous area inhabited for sea lions, penguins and an amazing marine fauna. Is the most important nesting site for the black fardela, the austral fine wolf (Arctocephalus australis). Is also the route both inbound and outbound that the blue whales used to reach the waters of the interior sea of Chiloé and the Moraleda Channel. Is Covered almost all by native forests, whose species components contribute noble woods for multiple uses, and for been a complete island the all the water rights are exclusive property of the owner of the island. Its location allows this place to receive the cold waters of the continental drift, thus achieving a high concentration of nutrients, vital in the development of the rich marine biodiversity of the area. Constituted by a clay mass or hardened mud. A layer of vegetable soil of varying thickness, between 0,3 and 1,5 meters, covers the island in all its extension, rooting in her a dense, leafy and abundant forest. Is located (43o61 'S, 74o75' W) off the coast of southern Chile, specifically 37 km southwest of the Big Island of Chiloe (Pacific Ocean). It has an area of 213.7 km2 and a coastline of 71.6 km. It measures 11 miles from north to south and 11.5 miles from east to west. Its relief reaches the greater height in the East part, with a summit of 306 meters of elevation. The prevailing vegetation is the Laurifolio Forest type of Chiloe, corresponding to the Evergreen forest typology. The island represents the southern limit of this formation, as well as for the tree species Peperomia fernandeziana (congonilla). The presence of this species classifies Isla Guafo as priority II site (important for the conservation of biological biodiversity in Chile). The island has average maximum temperatures and minimum of 13.3 and 7.7 degrees celcius, respectively with an average temperature of 10.7 degrees celcius. The annual precipitation is 1669.1 mm being May the most rainy month, reaching 211.7 mm, while in the driest month only reaches precipitation of 88.0 mm, January. 175 hectares in the north of the island belongs to the Chilean Armada for a previous donation. It has a meteorological station and a lighthouse that has an heliport an a dock. The Island has not inhabitants.



Published on
4 August 2017
Exterior Amenities
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