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€ 1,772,700

Land Available in Mansilla al 3000, Barrio Norte, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires F.D.

557 m²



Lot of 557m2 Front 10.60m Fund 57m Building to renovate or demolish of 897m2 covered. It is sold free of charge to the seller. Reasonable offer is heard. PRE-FEASIBILITY STUDY - G. LUCIO MANSILLA 3057 CATASTRAL DATA PLOT NOMENCLATURE CIR. 19 / SEC. 15 / MAN. 83 / PARC. 027A AREA OF THE LOT = 588 m2 MEASURES = 10.40m. x 56.54m. (Approximate measurements subject to variations by measurement. Irregular lot). PLANCHETA Nº12 REGULATION CODE NEW AREA: MIXTURE OF USES 2 Corresponds to the areas and corridors destined to residences, services and businesses of medium affluence. Commercial premises are allowed (s / category with a limit of m2 in some cases), collective housing, gyms, other uses s / art category. 3.3.2 CU. ZONE: LOW HEIGHT SUSTAINABILITY UNIT 2 (USAA) It is allowed to build a maximum height of (22.80m) on the municipal line, with a minimum ground floor height of (3m), (which may not have a height lower than zero in the first eight meters 8m deep counted from the LO with the exception of vehicular ramps and stairs), plus a salable floor 2m removed. of LM with a maximum height of 3m, plus a 2nd floor removed 4m from LM and the LFI, with a maximum height of 4m, on this level services and common use spaces, the manager's house, distribution tanks of water, premises for elevator machines, stairwells, boilers, fireplaces, air conditioning installations and roof parapets, as long as the limit plans established herein are not exceeded. Above this removed 2nd floor, only antennas (according to article 6.10), lightning rods and conduits, beacons may protrude when required by the competent technical authority; skylights; solar panels; chimneys and roof parapets, up to 3.25m., with elevator overtravel. The balconies can protrude from LO and LFI by a maximum of 1.5m. • The buildable area is limited by the LO and the LFI • Between the LO and the LIB, it will be possible to build subsoil. • In the case of uncovered adjoining surfaces, it is recommended to withdraw with a min. of 3m. generating a vertical patio, so as not to generate exposed party walls. BUILDABLE VOLUME POTENTIAL P PB (minimum height 3m) + 7 FLOORS + 8TH FLOOR SELLING WITH REMOVAL 2m DE LM and alt. max. (3m) + 9TH FLOOR WITH WITHDRAWAL (SERVICES) 4m FROM LM and LFI and max height (4m) + ELEVATOR OVERRUN (Max. Height 3.25m.) + 1 SUBFLOOR FROM LM TO LIB BUILDING FLOOR SURFACE = 353 , 33m2 (without considering auxiliary patios for lighting and ventilation and common spaces) + balconies ~ 31.2m2 Ø GROUND FLOOR = ______________________________________________________________ 353.33M2 Ø 1st to 7th FLOOR = ______________________________________________________________ 2473.31M2 Ø 8th AND 9th FLOOR WITH REMOVAL = __________________________________________ 602.66 M2 TOTAL BUILDING SURFACE = ~ 3429.30m2 (s / project, without considering auxiliary patios for lighting and ventilation, lateral retreats and common spaces) SALEABLE FLOOR SURFACE = ~ 282.66 m2 + ~ 15.6m2 of balconies = ~ 298 , 26 m2 (Approximate according to project, without taking into account, auxiliary patios) SELLING METERS APPROX. BY VOLUMETRY = ~ 2087.82M2 (Variable according to project) 1978.62 M2 CUB. + ~ 109.2 M2 (50% OF BALCONIES) 20 GARAGES IN SS (VARIABLES ACCORDING TO PROJECT) + IN PB S / PROJECT (OPTION OF COMMERCIAL PREMISES IN PB FREE) = ~ 80M2 (Variable according to project) APPROXIMATE TOTAL SELLING AREA = ~ 2167.82 m2 (Variable according to project) + GARAGES >> This study was carried out according to the urban code to be regulated, that is why it is recommended to consider its information as an estimate, until it is regulated



557 m²
Mansilla al 3000

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