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€ 2,500,000

Office for sale in Rua Martiliano Lemos Leite, 30, Cotia, Estado de São Paulo

1,086 m² 1



General Description:

The Office Building is part of the commercial park “Trade Hill”, which has been built on a 42.000 m² lot at km 30 of the Rodovia Raposa Tavares. It is a highly developed commercial and industrial region with excellent infrastructure. In the surroundings several companies have settled there, such as Delphi, Demag Cranes, Gerdau, Merck, Würth, Klöckner Pentaplast, Firmenich, Payot, Avon, Yamá and others. The commercial region extends almost from km 10 to km 30 of the Raposa Tavares. It is thus a highly strategic location in relation to the metropolitan area of São Paulo.

At km 20 there is the connection to the Rodoanel, the new vital and important ring road around São Paulo, which offers a quick connection to all major arterial roads.
The building is located at 30 km from the Raposo Tavares highway, 20 km from São Paulo Butantã, 10 km from the Rodoanel and 3 km from the center of Cotia, with its complete infrastructure.
Approximately 100 m distant from the highway is the above-mentioned industrial park “Trade Hill”, which is guarded 24 hours by security guards and a security system. With a double portal with guards the entry and exit is controlled.

The industrial park covers a total area of ​​42,000 m² and is characterized by a large, expansive green area, which is particularly protected by environmental protection laws. This green belt guarantees a pleasant friendly environment giving it a special quality of life.

The building was designed according to the latest and most modern architectural aspects. The expressive lightness and richness of light characterize the structure and give the building a simple and unique beauty.
The position of the building on the property allows the rooms to have views of the beautiful green surroundings from all sides and the building is filled with natural light all day long. The project was designed outside as well as inside according to Feng Chui guidelines.

The ceilings consist of reinforced concrete with a strength of 250 Kg / m². The windows are supplied and assembled by Weiku. They are supported in their entire length with concealed steel girders and processed with 8mm thick tempered laminated glass.
The building is equipped with a sufficiently sized septic tank and sewage with anaerobic filter and 2 treatment tanks, all installed and maintained according to local legislation.
As prescribed by the regulations of the fire department, a water tank with 12,000 liters of water was exclusively installed in the building for the fire brigade. In addition, there is another water tank with 20.000 l for the general water supply of the building. Both systems are powered by the municipal water supply.

The outdoor area around the building is designed with hexagonal paving stones. Approximately 826 m² are designed for light traffic and 229 m² for heavy transport, for the delivery and removal of machinery.

Towards the street the area is shielded with a metal grid of the brand Pisometal. This lattice has 2 gates, a large one for truck entry and exit, which is operated by hand and a second automatic gate with interphone for the daily entrance and exit traffic.
The main reception hall is laid out with a granite floor and has direct access to the hydraulically operated panorama lift of the Villarta brand. The elevator is designed inside with white marble with Icaraí granite.
There are two more stairs to the first and second floor. One goes straight from the lobby to the top and the second from the show room. Both are designed with Icaraí granite and edges with anti-slip milled grooves. All handrails in the building are made of stainless steel.

Structure of the Building:

The ground level surface has a total extent of 514 m² and a height of 7 m. This area encompasses the show room, the visitor lounge with kitchen and visitor toilets. In this area 220 m² are prepared to exhibit machines with a reinforced concrete floor of 15 cm thickness of concrete fctM of 4,2MPa.
A truck docking area for loading and unloading machines is equipped with an automatic roll-up door. On the side there is another small docking station for fast loading and moving smaller weights.

Showroom: 105 m²
Factory Hall 1: 168 m²
Workshop 2: 66 m²
Total: 339 m²

From the show room you can reach a mezzanine with 141 m², where the laundry and toilet rooms are located. There is also a common room with kitchen facilities for the employees. At this height there is a meeting room, or a training room with 32 m² including independent air conditioning.

The first floor has 256 m² and is divided into 4 different rooms, all of which are divided by PVC frames (manufactured by Weiku) and hardened 8 mm laminated glass. There is a separate room for the information technology. Furthermore, there are also toilets on this floor. The floor is laid out with granite.
All workrooms are equipped with air conditioning systems, hot and cold, Hitachi brand. From this floor there is still an open terrace of 13 m x 14 m, which is available as needed to expand the office space.

On the 2nd floor there are two further office rooms, one with 44 m² and another with 42 m². Both rooms are also equipped with air conditioning units, type Cassete, each with 30.000BTU, warm and cold. The floor is laid out with white marble. Both rooms have separate toilets, where the sink and the floor are also granite.
These two rooms each have access to a terrace of 122 m², which is also available for an extension.
From this terrace a bridge leads directly to the garden. This bridge is part of the fire protection regulations. It serves as an escape route, in case of fire.
Above the second floor there is a cover that has the size, structure and strength for a heliport that is not currently developed, but could be completed as quickly as needed without much difficulty.



External size
2,833 m²
1,086 m²
Published on
22 November 2019
Rua Martiliano Lemos Leite, 30

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