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€ 8,000,000

18 bedroom luxury House for sale in Gorna Malina, Oblast Sofiya




The aqua park for sale is located in Bulgaria, 25 kilometers from Sofia. The complex includes five restaurants, seven pools, hotel accommodations, a sport fishing lake, a small zoo, and many attractions for adults and children. The complex has an area of 89,559 m²: 34,684 m² owned; 27 962 m² of building rights; 26,913 m² - property for 35 years. Opportunities for further development The aqua park has an area of 40 decades, on which potential investors can build additional facilities. Other investment opportunities include a larger hotel with spa services, an indoor pool, additional water slides and pools, soccer fields, a campsite, and much more. In addition to public buildings, you can also build residential buildings that are intended for resale or rental - apartment houses, individual houses and chalets. The aquapark can be supplied with mineral water, which is at a depth of 300 m below the system. This also offers the possibility of year-round use of water attractions. In addition to areas that belong to the complex and have not yet been built on, investors can also buy lots of land outside the aqua park at very affordable prices. The already built infrastructure should make future projects more accessible and easier to implement. The complex is the most visited water park in Sofia. The aqua park is the most popular complex with water attractions in the city of Sofia and the Sofia region. The unique combination of water attractions, themed design and beautiful landscape makes it an absolute visitor guide despite the higher price range. The complex has also made it to the top of the industry in terms of positive feedback on service quality and overall health. Different facilities for all preferences The aqua park offers facilities and attractions that make it an excursion destination in every season. The complex extends over an area of 110 decades and has a lake with an area of 26 decades. It is the only place in Sofia that combines pools, water attractions and opportunities to relax amidst beautiful scenery. In the colder seasons, the aqua park is visited for its numerous and varied facilities, including the small zoo, fishing and paintball facilities, soccer fields, playgrounds and many other attractions. The thematic hotel part of the complex is heavily visited all year round and almost 100% busy during the summer season. The complex offers two swimming pools for children, four pools with a depth between 1.20 m and 1.60 m and a heated pool for year-round use. In addition, the aqua park offers a total of six water slides, four of which are only suitable for children and two have a total length of over 150 m. Green spaces and a varied range of services make the complex a great place for the organization and implementation of events and teambuilding. More and more foreign visitors The aqua park is enjoying a year-on-year increase in the number of guests who have visited our country mainly because of the complex, and more and more foreign tourists who use the complex for an overnight stay. In addition to visitors from neighboring countries, the complex also welcomes guests from Israel, France, Russia, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and Great Britain. Foreign tourists who book their stay three or more months in advance account for over 70% of hotel occupancy. We will be happy to send you further information upon request.



External size
89,559 m²
Published on
28 December 2019

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