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€ 525,000

4 bedroom luxury Semidetached House for sale in Idstein, Germany

155 m² 3 4



You have to pray for miracles, but you have to work for changes. Thomas Aquinas This is a projected, optional semi-detached house from ELK. ************************************************** *************** You decide whether a different house size or room layout. It is currently in the planning phase and your advantage is that you can change everything, you build the way you would like to live. In a personal consultation, we determine all the details of your dream home with you. Call now and make an appointment today in our show house in Bad Vilbel - place 4 (see picture). We will take care of the entry and look forward to seeing you. Thormann & Thormann HVs, ELK cooperation partner Office hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tel: 06101/12 55 1 GDPR: https: // ----------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------- Walsdorf is a district of Idstein in the Rheingau-Taunus district in southern Hesse. Walsdorf is located in the Taunus, a low mountain range in Germany, and is the northernmost district of the city of Idstein. It borders on Würges, the southernmost district of the city of Bad Camberg. Federal road 8 runs east of the town and federal highway 3 runs west of the town. State road 3026 and the Hessian cycle route R8 run through the town. The "Knallbach" flows from south to north through Walsdorf. Local public transport is provided by bus lines 226 and 230 of the Rheingau-Taunus-Verkehrsgesellschaft. There are two kindergartens and a village community center in the village. Only ELK shows around 750 house offers with current and real properties: or subscribe to our offers on Facebook: ---------------- ---------- On the last vacant lot, vacant lot (430 m²) centrally in the village, we build a large semi-detached house (155 m²) for you, on the property boundary to the neighbor. Turnkey! - Efficiency house 55 - incl. Base plate - incl. Ventilation system - air heat pump - triple glazed - incl. Shutters - incl. Plot - in turnkey (everything done) - 6.4 mx 11.25 m This house has an air heat pump for ventilation, Heating and COOLING, optimal exterior wall insulation U-value 0.12, therefore it is an efficiency 55 house. On the ground floor is the spacious, light-flooded center of the house with a living area of over 35 m², with 2 windows and a large sliding door into the garden, including an open kitchen. In addition, the ground floor offers a hallway, a cloakroom, storage space under the stairs, a HAR / HWR and a guest toilet. Upstairs there are 2 bright children's rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows. (each about 12 m²) The bathroom has a ladder heater, a sink, toilet and a floor-level shower with glass cabin. A window brings in a lot of brightness to make your stay there as pleasant as possible. The master bedroom is well cut (11 m²), also has 1 floor-to-ceiling window and has enough space for your closets in a separate dressing room (4.5 m²). The DG offers a large studio with approx. 35.50 m² for one or two rooms , as desired. There is a bathroom with approx. 6.5 m² and roof windows. Illustration shows special equipment! Changes can lead to additional prices. - full basement for ONLY € 25,900 surcharge - plot included in the offer (share of € 185,000) - the balcony shown is € 26,500 surcharge purchase costs 13.5% are only due on the plot. Ancillary construction costs: property tax, notary, architect, house connections, etc.) are not yet included in the offer price. Call now and make an appointment today in our show house in Bad Vilbel - place 4 (see picture). We will take care of the entry and look forward to seeing you. Thormann & Thormann HVs, ELK cooperation partner Office hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tel: 06101/12 55 1 The innovative Homeway multimedia system replaces three different cabling systems in your ELK house. Thanks to the unique combination of antenna, telephone and network services based on a hybrid cable, all services are available to you simultaneously via the patented junction box. Homeway multimedia also enables the connection of wireless and wired networks using a WLAN access point. Thanks to various plug-in modules, the powerful system can be adapted to your current requirements at any time via plug 'n play. So you stay flexible and are optimally equipped for the future. The perfect multimedia cabling for your dream home from ELK Who does not know the annoying tangle of cables, which is usually more or less badly routed through the house or apartment? Television, Internet / LAN and telephone three different cable systems, crisscrossed. With homeway, all applications can be used through a single, innovative system. Easy to plan, easy to use: All connections and devices are collected centrally in one place and fed into the homeway cable system. The multimedia cables transport the signals from there to the desired homeway junction boxes. Smart, isn't it? homeway replaces three conventional systems This saves time and money! Fewer empty pipes and switches, less effort for connection and installation. Multimedia applications with homeway multimedia: an integral part of our lives today. In addition to television, telephone and radio, fast internet access has become an absolute “must”. And that with more and more multimedia applications and value-added services. homeway makes Internet, TV, telephone, radio and WLAN available in all rooms and offers a future-oriented and proven multimedia solution. The hit: Integrated WLAN straight from the box The homeway access points integrate mobile multimedia devices into the homeway home network via WLAN. The small, extremely powerful modules fit in every homeway box and ensure stable and fast WiFi throughout the house. The advantages of wireless and wired networks are perfectly combined with one another with homeway. Stay flexible with the modular system. There is an energy consumption certificate. This is valid until December 31, 2020. Final energy consumption is 55.00 kwh / (m² * a). The energy efficiency class is A. Only ELK offers you something that you would otherwise not get: - 1.5 storeys with 1 m knee and 42 ° roof pitch - 1.5 floors with 2 m knee stack and 25 ° roof pitch - 2 full floors with hip roof (city villa ) - 2 full storeys with flat roof (Bauhaus) ALL 4 HOUSE TYPES (with the same size) AT THE SAME PRICE! ----------------------------------------- Included in our house price: -Bottom plate ( optional basement) included in the price -blower door test -all windows with aluminum shutters -efficiency certificate 8 days after conclusion of the contract -triple glazing in the entire house -internal choice according to your wishes -delivery and setting date are contractually guaranteed (with contractual penalty) -alarm system with Motion detector - external tap for the garden - finger-jointed beech stairs to the upper floor - cement screed on the upper and upper floors - extensive electrical installation LAN sockets and a large number of sockets (e.g. bedrooms with 10 pieces) -air heat pump, heating, ventilation AND cooling! - CO2 control - fine dust / pollen filter - passive wall (U value = 0.12 kw) - colored full-touch display and auxiliary control panels with integrated data bus - insurance: construction work, structural work, liability. and buildings -No extra transport costs all over Germany -Roofed roofs with double planking (increased sound insulation) -12 months fixed price guarantee - Towel radiators in the family bathroom -Data interface on the meter cabinet -All smoke detectors -Aluminium gutter - Ladder radiators in the main bathroom - Two-tone exterior plaster - Smoothly leveled walls and ceilings, white coated, with dispersion coating, finally no woodchip! -Self-cleaning roof tiles - All windows in RC2 N design! with mushroom head lock & lockable safe olive - front door with 5-point lock in RC 2 version! -Warm water connection also in the guest toilet standard -Building scaffolding and construction crane included -Building container and Dixi toilet



External size
430 m²
155 m²
Car parking
Published on
23 March 2020
Energy Rating
A (55 kWh/sqm per year)

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