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€ 12,737,100

6 room luxury Flat for sale in עיר ימים, Netanya, Central District

700 m² 5 6



A one-of-a-kind luxury penthouse, a modern masterpiece at the foot of the sea that connects the sea into the house with a blue motif returning from the sea reflected into the sky and into the pool, so that the border blurs and connects nature and urbanity perfectly. Living in the sky, at the foot of the sea, creates an experience of a sweeping urban jungle that combines elements of nature with a vibrant city and together create a winning combination. Uncompromisingly rich specifications throughout the penthouse, from the inside out. The apex pool is made of stainless steel, which includes a floor of hydraulic stairs facing the direction of the pool, and includes a complete closing position in which the pool floor in the finish is the same as the flooring. In addition, the pool included a number of gents among them, a gantry designed for swimming against the current, additional massage gents and adjustable LED lighting that can be adjusted. All around the penthouse balconies, there is a garden that includes diverse tropical vegetation suitable for the conditions and its proximity to the sea, mature trees which will be planted in a double floor space designed for this, thus giving a feeling of a garden on the roof of the world. Spa facilities right at home, a wet sauna from the sperto spa company at a temperature of up to 50 degrees, and a gym equipped with fitness equipment from the precor company that will provide peace and health to the body and mind at any given time. A separate cinema room that includes a cinema system with a quality screen and a surround sound system from the "Echo Cinema" company + flooring and wood acoustic wall cladding, in addition to electric carbon armchairs that provide the perfect cinema experience. Luxurious aperto front door with a glass finish and includes an electric lock and the option of opening and closing remotely. Ultra-thin profile apex windows, extra clear insulating glazing, outer shell of aluminum penthouse showcases that includes insulating and reflective glazing insulation, can be opened to the floor and includes a transparent glazed railing as well. An array of electric reflective shading curtains for the facades of the pool balcony made by bruster, in addition to the roofing of an electric pergola for the roof of the pool terrace + the parents' balcony, can be opened and closed for precise adjustment. A cardboard type smart home with the most advanced technology without compromise - full control of all home systems, including lighting, curtains, audio systems, cameras, water heating, air conditioning, etc., including luxury end accessories that include a combination of special elevator systems as well. The TV rises from the floor space, and from the master bedroom from the ceiling space, thus not interfering with the refinement and design of the house, of course touch screens, with the possibility of remote control as well. Underfloor heating by the prestigious company Perfect Pitt, a closed and protected electrical system, among the safest. A variety of electrical accessories from the prestigious Botticino house in a glass finish that blends into the house perfectly. Air conditioning for the entire house for cooling and heating, including the balcony and pool space, Mitsubishi's vrf system, a total of 17 indoor air conditioning units controlled by smart electricity, including hidden design air conditioning diffusers of the Rona type. A fast interior elevator operated by a hydraulic system that includes a transparent elevator shaft that can be viewed during the elevator trips to the living room space and a sea view, including a safety system for emergencies. Luxury sanitary ware from the German company Dornbracht, which includes faucet coating in gold cyprum material, free standing glass bathtub, rain heads in all bathrooms, a particularly luxurious faucet system for the master bathroom with a large and pampering rain head, custom-made faucet handles + wall spray system for sauna massage. The flooring of the house in all spaces is made of luxury Thassos marble with 250 cm complete panels, Sahara walls, the sauna space is also paved and covered with luxury marble of the noble crunch type that includes cups and a specially lit sink, which includes everything in this marble special production. Paint in the artist's paints in a complete network + putty on the entire area of the walls and ceilings, special colors for the architect of the Real Lauren type. The design of the house was done under the full guidance of the super architect Tehila Shelef and the best consultants. A kitchen by the company Velcocina Italy with a luxurious design combining materials of brass, wood, marble and glass that blend perfectly and harmoniously, including luxury appliances from the gaggenau Germany company. Personal carpentry in all spaces of the house made to order and special according to the designer's requirements, including an impressive closet with doors that include brass and glass, including wall coverings, wine bar, etc .. Furniture from the best super brands such as fendi, rochebobis, bentley that are carefully adapted to the house. A variety of decorative details to the smallest detail, decorative partitions from a metal craftsman frame in brass plating. A design combination of mirrors and glass in a bronze direction throughout the house. Full coverage of gypsum ceilings are also beautifully designed. Lighting fixtures from the best vibizzyno lighting brands are made to special order. An electric generator system for backing up the necessary systems in the home for emergencies and power outages. A penthouse that created a feeling of a villa in the sky, and meticulous to all possible living and luxury needs, undoubtedly a unique gem provided maximum comfort to the happy buyer. modern masterpiece kisses the open sea without borders a spectacular penthouse in its beauty Extra large recreation areas, plenty of natural light, high ceilings and modern luxuries extend over 6 bedrooms, 5/2 bathroom. The kitchen is a heretical dream with non-cooking, first-class appliances, and ample, but well-hidden storage. Host your guests with dreamy hospitality. Enjoy a peaceful environment while you are on the roof of the world The best designers have designed the one-of-a-kind penthouse City of Days .Sunset and no end of nature in front of a vibrant city dream house www.ravid-dreamhouse



700 m²
עיר ימים
2 m²

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