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Luxury Homes Philippines for Sale - Prestigious Villas and Apartments in Philippines



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The Republic of the Philippines, located in Southeast Asia in the Pacific Ocean, is made up of 7,101 islands, only 1000 of which are inhabited. The Philippines has been an independent republic since 1946, but having been a Spanish and then American colony it has nonetheless retained many westerns characteristics. The Philippines have a tropical climate with a pleasant warm period followed by a rainy season and a mildly cooler season. Fascinating flora and an extraordinary marine environment, it is very popular among scuba divers and those who seek excursions with dolphins. Divers are especially fond of Coron Island, where an entire World War II Japanese fleet can be found underwater. The Bohol, Palawan and Boracay Islands are very popular among tourists due to their splendid white beaches and paradise-like environment. On the island of Mindanao, in Davao City, one can purchase a prestigious villa overlooking a marvelous white sand beach. The city of Makati is also highly sought after. Here one can find beautiful detached houses, luxury villas and prestigious apartments at an attractive price. Other popular areas for luxury real estate include the modern Island of Cebu or Baguio City, where one can enjoy an open-air concert, a picnic or paddle boat excursion in Burnham park. The Philippines’ economy is growing rapidly which renders it an interesting choice for investors in luxury projects. In particular the luxury properties developing in the capital, Manilla, are very popular and many international companies have decided to establish their headquarters in Manilla. The areas of Ermita and Malate offer a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Here you can find a vast range of luxury homes, art galleries, the Cultural Center museum with a collection of ancient Islamic art of Mindanao, the Folk Art Theatre and the Philippine Design Center.