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Luxury homes for rent in Brussels



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The Belgian capital Brussels is the administrative home of the European Union as well as NATO, and is known as the capital of Europe. The city is an important political, economic, and social center and is home to numerous international corporations. Brussels is the most important european business city after Paris and London, and an important location for trade fairs: Brussels recently surpassed Washington DC as the number one diplomatic city in the world. The city has two official languages, French (Walloon) and Dutch (Flemmish), although numbers of Dutch speakers are decreasing. Brussels offers important commercial districts such as Noordruimte (Espace Nord) to the north of dowtown, a zone characterized by high rise buildings and shopping opportunities. The Leopold District, also known as European District, is the citiy's principle business district home to the European Parliament building and numerous important offices. Originally an exclusive residential neighborhood, the original prestigous residential buildings can still be found. This city offers numerous opportunities for the purchase of a luxury home. The Vijfers van Elsene is particularly stunning, with its charming pools and Art Deco and Art Nuveau luxury homes, seemingly created by a magic wand. The Fort-Jaco district neighborhood offers great spacious villas, inhabited predominantly by families. The Franklin-Rooseveltlaan is one of the most exclusive and prestigious avenues in Brussels, featuring stately homes and majestic green gardens. Other inticing affluent neighborhoods are Kustelein-Louise, with buildings 19th century and modens condominiums, and the Meiseselaan suburb in which spacious luxury villas are found. Finally, in the community of Woluwe Saint Pierre, one can find beautiful properties along Tervurenlaan Avenue, each impeccably landscaped and surrounded by green space.

  • Detached House in Brussels, (Bruxelles-Capitale)
    € 2,950 other
    130 m² 2 2
    Presented by Melody Bingoni
  • Luxury home in Brussels, (Bruxelles-Capitale)
    € 3,000 month
    150 m² 1 2
    Presented by Maël KAPETA KAPETA | Barnes Bruxelles