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Geneva, Villas and Luxury Homes for rent - Prestigious Properties in Geneva



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Amidst the foothills of the Alps and the Jura mountains, Geneva is located in a picturesque bay where the lake of Geneva feeds the Rhone river. Home to the European headquarters of the United Nations and often called the "Capital of Peace", Geneva is known for its humanitarian traditions and cosmopolitan atmosphere. With 195,000 inhabitants, Geneva is the second largest city in Switzerland after Zurich, and the metropolitan area of Geneva-Lausanne has 1.2 million inhabitants. Geneva is Switzerland’s largest financial center after Zurich. This city is known for producing excellent watches and is home to several important watchmakers. For years, both quality of life and cost of living in Geneva have been among the highest in the world. In 2012 the city was considered as the third most expensive city in the world after Tokyo and Zurich. The city is divided into four districts: the "Cité", "Plainpalais", "Eaux-Vives" and "Petit-Saconnex." The symbol of Geneva is the "Jet d'eau”, a fountain with a 140 meter waterjets which is located on the shore of Lake Geneva. On one bank of the lake are large luxury hotels and excellent restaurants; On the opposite bank is the old town, the heart of Geneva, a district with many unique luxury shops to enjoy. The Cathedral of St. Pierre is the highest point of this part of Geneva. The "Mouettes", a kind of taxi-boat, facilitate easy crossing of the lake while larger cruise boats offer exclusive, leisurely tours. Theater lovers will enjoy Geneva’s Grand Theatre, where many internationally renowned artists have performed. Renting or buying in Geneva has traditionally required a great deal of patience and money, but in recent years the construction of new apartments has decidedly alleviated the situation. Rent prices for offices, however, remain among the highest in the world. In addition to luxury homes in Geneva, the suburbs Florissante and Malagnou offer an array of elegant and prestigious homes that will please potential affluent buyers.