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Istanbul, Villas and Luxury Homes for rent - Prestigious Properties in Istanbul



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Istanbul is one of the oldest cities in the world, and was known until mid -twentieth century as Constantinople. The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul has nearly 14 million residents and is the cultural and economic center of the nation. This city has been the capital of several empress (Roman, Byzantine, Latin and Ottoman) and has always been a great landmark of Turkey, where today many different nationalities and cultures live together in Istanbul. Istanbul is surrounded by the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, connected to both Europe and Asia. Thanks to its expansive history, there is an enormous quantity of monuments, historic sites and points of cultural interest that attract tourists from around the world. The most important luxury real estate zones are the historic center and the peninsula that connects Europe to Asia. The Bebek district is the most costly, where luxury homes start at five thousand euros per square meter. Other popular and pricey districts favorable to luxury real estate are Yeniköy, Vişnezade, Etiler and Levent. In terms of rent, Istanbul’s most expensive zones include Istinye, Arnavutkoy and Taksim, one of the most important neighborhoods of Istanbul, where one can finds historic luxury homes as well as commercial activity.

  • Duplex in Istanbul
    € 6,200
    450 m² 4
    Presented by TOPALOĞLU EMLAK
  • Apartment in Istanbul
    € 354,300
    90 m²
    Presented by ST-REALTURK