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Texas Luxury Homes and Prestigious Real Estate for Sale State of Texas



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Texas is the most populous US state after California and is situated on the Gulf of Mexico. Texas offers a vast natural beauty from deserts to beaches, with majestic canyons, golden prairies and exquisite lakes in between. Despite its historically rustic, 'Wild West' image, some of America's most exclusive and trendsetting homes can be found in Texas. Magnificent waterfront mansions, modern high rise condos, expansive luxury ranches and elegant equestrian estates define luxury real estate in Texas. Austin is the state capital and has the state’s most costly real estate market. Known as the 'Live music capital of the World', this city is consistently ranked one of the best American cities to live in and its population is growing extremely fast. A vibrant downtown offers prestigious apartments, lofts and condos near world famous music venues and exclusive restaurants. Several affluent neighborhoods offer beautiful luxury homes between golf courses, each with breathtaking views of the surrounding vast expanse of rolling hill country. Houston is the largest city in Texas and is home to a high concentration of Fortune 500 companies and important research universities. Houston offers Victorian mansions, luxury apartments and Art Deco styles. The city of Dallas is a shopping mecca with high rise condos with impressive views, and its suburbs offers gorgeous villas and handsome mansions characterized by high ceilings and spacious wine cellars. The city of San Antonio is known for its beautiful River Walk, posh restaurants and elegant homes. Luxury real estate in Texas combines privacy and bucolic elegance with ultra-modern urbanity, proving that this state truly has it all. A chic food scene featuring Mexican flavors front and center, vibrant music and entertainment, a contagious care-free attitude and an unparalleled natural beauty are among the reasons why so many are so proud to call Texas home.

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