Crescent Moon Tower: Future Skyscraper to Light up the Sky in Dubai

Dubai has accustomed us to fantasy construction developments to say the least. This moon shaped building, which literally cuts  across the skyline with its beautiful form certainly succeeds in exceeding our high expectations.


The tallest skyscraper in the world Burj Khalifa ,and the huge shopping center Dubai Mall are respectively found in Dubai. The Crescent Moon Tower is the latest gem to add to Dubai’s collection of cutting-edge construction challenges, which via Transparence House will be presented in the 11th edition of ThyssenKrupp Elevator Architecture Award.

skyline dubai and desert

The Crescent Moon Tower is to represent a moon shape covering 33 floors. It is expected to be constructed in Za’abeel Park, a park north east of Dubai World Trade Centre, not far from the desert.


The project, which is awaiting approval, has two main important objectives. Firstly, it wishes to underline Dubai’s association with the Islamic world. Secondly, it is determined to demonstrate the level of technological and economic development  reached by this Arab emirate, the most populated of the seven United Arab Emirates. Dubai is in fact one of the most actively committed places in the world in investing in technology and architecture.

Crescent Moon Tower: Future Skyscraper to Light up the Sky in Dubai

This extraordinary skyscraper should be complete in around five years’ time, and it is to house luxury Dubai properties, a children’s library, a restaurant, a conference room, bars, and in the upper part of the structure an outdoor platform is to be created. The Crescent Moon Tower is to be a multifunctional building, for both tourists and locals, a place to attract scientific, recreational and cultural activities.

Crescent Moon Tower: Future Skyscraper to Light up the Sky in Dubai

The half-moon is to become an attraction in itself, just like the other colossal and fearless construction developments found here.

Crescent Moon Tower: Future Skyscraper to Light up the Sky in Dubai

The one of a kind project is sure to leave admirers speechless with its enchanting beauty. Needless to say the structure will undoubtedly be even more captivating set against a starlit sky  at night.

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