La rivisitazione delle “Case dei Maestri” della scuola di Bauhaus

The period between the twenties and the thirties proved to be a productive spell for architecture in Germany. Leading to new waves and schools of thought.

The Master Houses of the Bauhaus School  Restored

The Bauhaus school was considered a very important  institute in Germany: its first headquarters was at Weimar , however in 1925, with the advance of the Nazi troops, it moved to Dessau where it continued until 1932. Subsequently avant-garde buildings were created for the professors. These residences then became famous in all of Germany, and shortly after became known as the Master Houses, which housed the likes of László Moholy-Nagy and Wassily Kandinskij.

La rivisitazione delle “Case dei Maestri” della scuola di Bauhaus

With the outbreak of World War II the Master Houses were severely damaged. By that time the professors had already left the buildings, as the school was transferred to Berlin in 1932. The remained ruins of the buildings were then used as emergency hospitals  and  factories.

Bauhaus school

Work began to take place in the nineties to restore the buildings which represented the architectural movement in Germany in the twenties. The restoration project began in 1992 and two buildings have recently been completed, with a number of  restoration interventions on the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe project.

Bauhaus Germany

The work carried out on the prestigious properties in Germany  was led by German architect Bruno Fioretti Marquez. Modern construction techniques allowed for the creation of avant-garde buildings, true to their roots and minimalist in their external vision.  The interiors on the other hand contain installations by  Olaf Nicolai which were inspired by the study of color by Moholy-Nagy.

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