The plans for a new skyscraper to be built in Manhattan indicate something truly special, beyond the standard trend of record breaking heights.

The project is called the Edgar Street Towers and will soon tower over Greenwich and Washington streets, nearby the famous Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  It was designed by Iwamoto Scott Architecture, who are collaborating with some of the leaders in modern building such as Beyer Blinder Belle, ARO, DeWitt Godfrey, Transsolar Climate Engineering and others in the realization of this project.Edgar Street Towers luxury New York

The skyscraper will fit perfectly into the city scape that makes Manhattan so unique.  What immediately distinguishes the Edgar Street Towers is that they initially rise as two separate buildings which spiral toward one another and join, soaring into the sky as one.  But this is not the only stunningly unique feature: the structure has ‘lungs’ with which it breathes, circulating fresh air throughout the building.Edgar Street Towers New York

On top of this, the buildings is equipped with a fiber optic system which during the daylight, directs a flow of light towards the atrium, while at night reverses this flow of light towards the top. This system is powered by solar panels. The building has 170,000 square feet of horizontal space, and 400 meters in height.

In short, a highly futuristic and ecologically conscious project , outstanding among neighboring buildings built decades ago.Edgar Street Towers case di lusso New York

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