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Quebec Luxury Homes and Prestigious Properties for sale in Quebec



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Quebec offers a myriad of breathtaking natural landscapes and cities with a remarkable quality of life. This Canadian province is fascinating for the simplicity and kindness of its French-speaking residents, careful to preserve their language and culture amidst their English-speaking neighbors. Open to the world, particularly regarding modern technology and innovations, Quebec has a number of advantages that attract high level buyers. Its growing popularity can be measured: between 2000 and 2010 real estate prices increased by 120%, while still remaining slightly below the national average. Montreal, a convivial and dynamic metropolis, is surely where the luxury real estate market is most developed due to its anomalous districts of high standing and prestige: One can buy luxury apartments downtown or in the Old Town, or purchase a prestigious home in exclusive districts such as Outremont and Westmount. As the capital of Quebec, Quebec City is home to government institutions, high tech sectors such as biotechnology, as well as manufacturing and tourism, making it one of the most economically prosperous cities of the country. Here the luxury real estate market has developed considerably: luxury apartment and prestigious condos are highly sought after. Finally, the suburbs and surroundings of Quebec’s great cities offer the opportunity to buy homes, mansions, and castles that will seduce lovers of beautiful and historic properties.

  • Montreal

    With a lively culture that bridges that of the United States and Europe, Montréal offers an enviable quality of life despite being a metropolis of...

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  • Luxury home in Quebec City, Quebec
    € 2,714,800
    518 m² 8 4
    Presented by Équipe PO VEAR
  • Residential complexes in Montreal, Montréal
    € 1,820,500
    223 m² 3 3
    Presented by Patricia Lallier
  • Detached House in Montreal, Montréal
    € 1,644,800
    5 7
    Presented by Sotheby's International Realty Canada
  • Detached House in Quebec City, Quebec
    € 542,300
    371 m² 4 3
    Presented by Maurice Houle
  • Detached House in Donnacona, Capitale-Nationale
    € 573,600
    418 m² 3 4
    Presented by Maurice Houle
  • Residential complexes in Laval, Quebec
    € 421,600
    154 m² 2 2
    Presented by Saguy Elbaz
  • Detached House in Shawinigan, Mauricie
    € 571,700
    3 4
    Presented by Marc Thibeault
  • Apartment in Montreal, Montréal
    € 936,400
    190 m² 2 3
    Presented by Yanick E. Sarrazin Remax Du Cartier
  • Detached House in Westmount, Quebec
    € 3,829,400
    5 6
    Presented by Liza Kaufman
  • Duplex in Montreal, Montréal
    € 797,800
    77 m² 2 3
    Presented by Yanick E. Sarrazin Remax Du Cartier
  • Country House in Hatley, Estrie
    € 861,700
    347 m² 4 4
    Presented by Johanne Meunier
  • Detached House in Léry, Montérégie
    € 1,533,100
    4 11
    Presented by Vincent Chaput
  • Detached House in Hatley, Estrie
    € 861,700
    347 m² 4 4
    Presented by Marie-Piers Barsalou
  • Detached House in Sainte-Adèle, Laurentides
    € 829,800
    5 5
    Presented by Melanie Clarke
  • Luxury home in Quebec City, Quebec
    € 910,300
    532 m² 13 13
    Presented by Martin Dostie