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Montreal, Villas and Luxury Homes for sale - Prestigious Properties in Montreal



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With a lively culture that bridges that of the United States and Europe, Montréal offers an enviable quality of life despite being a metropolis of over 1.5 million inhabitants. The largest city in Quebec, Montreal is a true cultural crossroads, home to an array of different communities that live together in harmony. Montreal is also a city of prosperous economic activity being the principle Canadian port as well as an industrial, commercial and cultural center. Here, neighborhoods of a thousand identities interact with a vivacious yet serene harmony, and you can feel it: the dynamism of Downtown, the cosmopolitan character of the Latin Quarter, the historic flavor of the Vieux Montréal, the gay-friendly Village neighborhood. And the distinguished elegance of residential neighborhoods such as Outremont or Westmount, where you will find stunningly beautiful Victorian-style houses. In short, there is something for everyone. The market for luxury homes in Montreal is rapidly growing, with an upsurge of demand for luxury condos and prestigious apartments within the very heart of the city. Elsewhere, exclusive areas such as Westmount feature endless options for the high end buyer to the tune of luxurious villas and illustrious manors, located in upper Montreal. With all the these appeals, this French speaking city attracts an increasing number of wealthy foreign investors, whether Chinese, Russian and American, keen to take advantage of a sophisticated urban lifestyle that is truly unique.