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Connecticut Luxury Homes and Prestigious Real Estate for sale State of Connecticut



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The state of Connecticut perfectly represents the sophistication and charm of New England, a region consisting of six states on the Northeastern Atlantic coast of the USA. Connecticut is well known for its fine properties: from its array of exclusive waterfront communities along the Long Island Sound to its prestigious lakeside mansions and picturesque equestrian clubs. The luxury real estate market in Connecticut is emphatically prosperous: Connecticut has the most multimillion dollar homes of any American state after California. A few coveted locations for high-end properties include Greenwich, Darien, New Haven, Hartford, Westport, New Canaan, and Bridgeport, among many others. The exclusive city of Greenwich was the location of the most expensive single-family home in the US, a waterfront estate with an asking price of $190 million. Known for its wealthy Wall Street executives and yachting community, the city of Greenwich has some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the US. Yet the wealthiest town in Connecticut is New Canaan, with an average per capita income of $100,824.This quaint city is characterized by its green parks and quintessentially New England buildings, as well as excellent restaurants and shopping. The city of Westport is popular among artists, writers and performers and is known for its music venues, art galleries and antique stores. Hartford, the state's capital and home of writer Mark Twain, is a sophisticated urban center with much to offer in terms of high-end condos, high-rise apartments and stately mansions. The same can be said about the city of New Haven, home of Yale University. Connecticut is where urban sophistication blends with bucolic elegance. Its rolling green hills and rippling ponds are truly a pleasure to behold, and its close proximity to Boston and New York City make it an attractive location to purchase a luxury property.

  • Luxury home in Morris, Litchfield County
    € 776,600
    224 m² 4 3
    Presented by Tyler O'Hazo
  • Detached House in Cornwall, Litchfield County
    € 428,100
    248 m² 3 3
    Presented by Ira Goldspiel
  • Detached House in Wilton, Fairfield County
    € 687,600
    424 m² 3 4
    Presented by JoAnne Fisher
  • Luxury home in East Lyme, New London County
    € 560,500
    265 m² 4 4
    Presented by Colette Harron
  • Detached House in Wilton, Fairfield County
    € 440,400
    174 m² 2 3
    Presented by Val Wyman
  • Detached House in Litchfield, Litchfield County
    € 242,700
    147 m² 2 2
    Presented by Kim D'Andrea
  • Detached House in Berlin, Hartford County
    € 194,200
    123 m² 1 3
    Presented by Janet Peckinpaugh
  • Land in Roxbury, Litchfield County
    € 436,900
    32,739 m²
    Presented by Kathryn Clair
  • Land in Deep River, Middlesex County
    € 242,700
    120,798 m²
    Presented by Tina Rupp
  • Land in Salisbury, Litchfield County
    € 525,200
    55,927 m²
    Presented by John Harney
  • Detached House in New Canaan, Fairfield County
    € 6,796,100
    1,021 m² 4 3
    Presented by Toni-Ann Vittoria
  • Detached House in Greenwich, Fairfield County
    € 5,251,500
    968 m² 8 5
    Presented by Leslie L McElwreath
  • Townhouse in Greenwich, Fairfield County
    € 1,544,600
    295 m² 5 3
    Presented by Renee Haggquist
  • Detached House in Greenwich, Fairfield County
    € 7,369,800
    1,003 m² 11 7
    Presented by Leslie L McElwreath
  • Detached House in Greenwich, Fairfield County
    € 5,203,000
    791 m² 8 6
    Presented by Leslie L McElwreath