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Florida Luxury Homes and Prestigious Real Estate for sale State of Florida



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Located between North and Latin America, Florida offers two distinctive sides: wild natural scenery and intense urbanism. The coastline has been greatly developed to attract a high-class clientele and offers some of the best luxury apartments and prestigious villas which are inhabited by wealthy celebrities and influencial personalities. The miles of sandy beaches and tiny islands form a paradise which is difficult to resist. Miami is the main atraction, with a population of 5 million inhabitants. This sunny metropolis offers a wealth of activities from sports, nightlife and beaches. The mix of Cuban, Haitian and Portorican cultures creates a strong Latino vibe which is a unique and charming part of the lifestyle. It is a city which stands-out for its glamour, particularly around South Beach which is famed for its fabulous film-star villas. Nature lovers should head to the Everglades, a natural park rich in stunning scenery, while families can take advantage of the numerous theme parks including Disney World and Universal Studios, as well the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral.

  • Miami


    Miami is located in Southeastern Florida, on the Atlantic coast of the United States. A beacon of glamour and a sunny urban paradise, Miami has been...

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  • Detached House in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach
    € 17,916,200
    417 m² 7 6
    Presented by James B Edwards
  • Detached House in Coral Gables, Miami-Dade
    € 4,243,200
    437 m² 7 5
    Presented by Maria Isabel Salum
  • Detached House in Miami Beach, Miami-Dade
    € 46,799,700
    1,405 m² 15 9
    Presented by Albert Justo
  • Residential complexes in Miami, Miami-Dade
    € 6,854,500
    427 m² 6 4
    Presented by Elena Bluntzer
  • Detached House in Boca Raton, Palm Beach
    € 15,122,400
    879 m² 11 7
    Presented by Mary Donohue
  • Detached House in Pinecrest, Miami-Dade
    € 11,345,400
    878 m² 10 9
    Presented by Michael Martinez
  • Detached House in Palm Beach, Florida
    € 15,599,900
    393 m² 5 5
    Presented by Laura A Pope
  • Detached House in Deerfield Beach, Broward County
    € 4,727,200
    536 m² 7 4
    Presented by Alina Schwartz
  • Detached House in Delray Beach, Palm Beach
    € 2,836,300
    481 m² 8 5
    Presented by Harvey Dubov
  • Residential complexes in Miami Beach, Miami-Dade
    € 9,449,700
    399 m² 4 4
    Presented by Gabriela Dajer
  • Residential complexes in Palm Beach, Florida
    € 3,777,100
    255 m² 3 4
    Presented by Frances Peter
  • Residential complexes in Miami, Miami-Dade
    € 4,656,300
    371 m² 5 3
    Presented by Claudia Fernandez
  • Detached House in Miami, Miami-Dade
    € 28,363,400
    553 m² 6 5
    Presented by Al Arostegui
  • Detached House in Coral Gables, Miami-Dade
    € 3,777,100
    482 m² 6 6
    Presented by Michael Martinez
  • Detached House in Coral Gables, Miami-Dade
    € 12,196,300
    655 m² 7 7
    Presented by Saddy Delgado