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Luxury Homes United States for sale - Prestigious Villas and Apartments in United States


United States

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Composed of 50 states which are different yet united, the USA attracts people from across the globe. The mix of cultures, varied history, vastness and changing landscape are just part of the country’s allure. The big cities of the USA form an important part of the global luxury property market. New York is among the most desirable destinations for those searching for upscale apartments with its prestigious neighbourhoods such as Manhattan, SoHo, and TriBeCa to mention just a few. Chicago, home of the blues and modern architecture offers some significant real estate along with elegant Boston, with its New England-style buildings. Florida is another popular choice thanks to its fabulous climate with lively Miami providing some excellent luxury homes. In the west it is impossible not to mention California which represents the American Dream: from the free-thinking San Francisco, the technology of Silicon Valley and the temptations of Los Angeles there is a wide choice of potential homes. Hollywood, the home of cinema, is also known for its magnificent villas while Bel Air and Beverly Hills are other LA districts which have earned international fame.

  • New York

    New York

    In New York everything is dynamic, even the luxury property market. Here the old industrial areas can become high-end bohemian neighbourhoods, such...

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  • San Francisco

    San Francisco

    On the Pacific Coast of Northern California, San Francisco is a magnificent metropolis of steep hills surrounded on three sides by water. Certainly...

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  • Chicago


    Chicago is a lively and pleasurable city to live in, exceptionally culturally rich and full of commercial activity. As the world capital of modern...

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  • Los Angeles

    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles: The entertainment capital of the world and a globally recognized symbol of glamor, fashion and fame. This beautiful city is home to...

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  • Florida


    Located between North and Latin America, Florida offers two distinctive sides: wild natural scenery and intense urbanism. The coastline has been...

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  • California


    California is the incarnation of the American Dream, often featured in the media from tv shows to films and Hollywood, the home of cinema, is one of...

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  • Miami


    Miami is located in Southeastern Florida, on the Atlantic coast of the United States. A beacon of glamour and a sunny urban paradise, Miami has been...

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  • Aspen

    Aspen is an exclusive Colorado alpine community of just under 7,000 inhabitants nestled in the Rocky Mountains. It is known as a popular retreat ...

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  • Atlanta

    Atlanta is the capital and largest city of the state of Georgia with a 2012 population of 443,775. With a gdp of us$270 billion, Atlanta's economy...

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  • Arizona

    Arizona is a state in the Southwestern us, a truly unique desert paradise, bordered by Mexico and the American states California, Utah, Colorado and...

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  • Texas

    Texas is the most populous us state after California and is situated on the Gulf of Mexico. Texas offers a vast natural beauty from deserts to...

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  • Colorado

    Colorado is a high-altitude state in the Southwestern United States with extraordinary natural beauty and an excellent quality of life. From the...

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  • Connecticut

    The state of Connecticut perfectly represents the sophistication and charm of New England, a region consisting of six states on the Northeastern...

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  • Detached House in East Hampton, Suffolk County
    € 1,860,100
    371 m² 5 4
    Presented by Ann Ciardullo
  • Detached House in Topsail Beach, Pender County
    € 1,727,200
    359 m² 4 5
    Presented by Nick Phillips
  • Townhouse in Beaver Creek, Eagle County
    € 2,121,300
    260 m² 5 4
    Presented by David McHugh
  • Detached House in Nantucket, Nantucket County
    € 2,435,800
    347 m² 3 3
    Presented by Gary Winn
  • Detached House in Southampton, Suffolk County
    € 2,302,900
    253 m² 4 5
    Presented by Harald Grant
  • Detached House in Newport, Newport County
    € 1,501,300
    317 m² 5 4
    Presented by Michelle Kirby
  • Detached House in Kiawah Island, Charleston County
    € 1,594,300
    275 m² 4 3
    Presented by Middleton Rutledge
  • Country House in Absarokee, Stillwater County
    € 3,232,900
    341 m² 4 4
    Presented by Laura Sacchi
  • Detached House in Norden, Nevada County
    € 1,944,200
    315 m² 5 5
    Presented by Jeff Hamilton
  • Detached House in Killington, Rutland County
    € 1,147,000
    464 m² 5 5
    Presented by Gretchjen Smith
  • Country House in Bloomfield Hills, Oakland County
    € 9,078,800
    860 m² 3 1
    Presented by David Johnson
  • Detached House in Lake Lure, Rutherford County
    € 748,900
    352 m² 5 4
    Presented by Thomas McKay
  • Detached House in Indian Wells, Riverside County
    € 1,762,600
    567 m² 7 5
    Presented by Chris Bergsma
  • Detached House in Water Mill, Suffolk County
    € 3,321,500
    399 m² 5 5
    Presented by Marilyn Clark
  • Townhouse in North Miami Beach, Miami-Dade
    € 713,900
    200 m² 3