Greek Mansion Formerly Owned by Mussolini on the Market

Benito Mussolini was known for his love for beautiful properties: he was the owner of numerous prestigious properties in Italy. Nonetheless, his collection continued elsewhere, with a handful of properties abroad. One of these high-end properties is located in Greece, which was constructed for the dictator in 1936 as a holiday home. Mussolini had this luxury Greek residence built in order to increase his control over the territory, during a period under fascist control during the war with Turkey.

Lavish Greek Mansion Formerly Owned by Mussolini on the Market

The Greek government has decided to put the luxury residence on the market with the hope that a foreign investor may invest in Greece, by opting to transform the residence into a luxury hotel and consequently attract international tourists. Subsequently, creating an economic flow that would greatly benefit the state. The underlying issue with this residence, apart from its substantial past, which could also be seen as a positive point, is the state of the property.

Greek Mansion Formerly Owned by Mussolini for Sale

The residence, which goes by the name “Villa Vecchi” was left in the hands of the Greek state after the death of Benito Mussolini. However, no work has since been carried out on the residence, meaning that the remains are just that, remains in need of costly restoration. Little traces of the original Alpine style can be seen in the run down residence, such as long lost frescoes that once graced the facades of the property.


The residence measures almost 760 square meters, and the ample grounds of the property which once served as a relaxing escape for Mussolini during his trips, now resemble an unkempt forest. The government is counting on the many luxurious matured trees on the grounds as a strong selling point for the residence.

Luxury Greek Mansion Formerly Owned by Mussolini on the Market

The asking price is a remarkable 22.4 million euro, following a policy to obtain the highest price possible for a state that is in a critical situation. Mussolini’s residence is not the only asset on the market, in a privatization plan to be completed by 2022.

Greek Mansion Formerly Owned by Mussolini on the Market

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