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Bastille, République, Nation-Alexandre Dumas - Paris, Villas and Luxury Homes for sale


Bastille, République, Nation-Alexandre Dumas

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This neighborhood in the east of Paris is the most densely populated. It is rare to find tourists here, and its authenticity is much appreciated by Parisians; its artisan past is felt even today. It is a discreet neighborhood with popular traditions, offering an important social mix, with numerous students and wealthy families. The neighborhood is also renowned for its nightlife; the streets Lappe, de la Roquette, Oberkampf and J.P.Timbaud are home to some of the most popular bars in Paris and they have become a must for a night out in Paris. The area boasts numerous lively streets around République and di Bastille square, with many restaurants, bars and theatres. The neighborhood is structured around the areas Folie Méricourt, Saint-Ambroise, La Roquette and Sainte-Marguerite; the most sought-after are République - St Ambroise and Bastille – Popincourt, where the high-end apartments attract wealthy families and young professionals who desire to live in a lively neighborhood. The prices for property are within the Parisian average and remain rather accessible, however the ever growing popularity of the neighborhood means that prices will steadily rise. The luxury real estate market offers the possibility to purchase beautiful apartments or lofts in prestigious buildings. Furthermore, the artisan past of the neighborhood means that you can find incredible prestigious properties in ex ateliers or factories.