London: Victoria Gets a £2 Billion Makeover

Victoria Station is a stopover for the majority of tourists visiting London. It is one of the most frequented stations, however the same can’t be said for the area. On the contrary, the area is rather dull and would probably be void of any movement I if it weren’t for the presence of the station.

victoria station

That said, the time for change has arrived. The local government has launched an ambitious restyling project that is expected to transform the otherwise lifeless area in no time. The regeneration project has a cost of just over £2 billion.

victoria staion neighborhood

Numerous rundown buildings from the sixties are to be demolished to make way for a new and fresh look. Some of the cities acclaimed architects will be working on the modern buildings set to replace the dreary existing properties. The project is being run by the legendary Land Securities , set to create new offices, stores, restaurants and brand-new apartments. The main objective of the project is to render Victoria both a residential and commercial neighborhood, as opposed to a logistics connecting point.

AREA victoria station

The completion of the project is expected in 2019. Over the following five years, an additional 800 new high-end properties in London are to be completed in the area, 19,000 stores and offices reaching a total of 125,000 square meters. Cardinal Place has already been partly restyled, with a fresh look thanks to the window paneling of the retail and office development. Additional apartments and stores are expected to unite with the new restaurants to attribute to the area previously considered a connection point between public transport.

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